Rattinan Clinic

The Rattinan Clinic was opened in 1999 by an elite team comprising of a bariatric surgeon, plastic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, an endocrinologist, and a dermatologist to provide all-round services in weight loss surgery, eyelid surgery, liposuction, hair transplant surgery, hormone therapy, and laser skin care. The leading weight loss surgery clinic in Thailand is continually expanding to provide an even wider range of professional medical services.
As Bangkok's leading weight loss surgery clinic, Rattinan Clinic, performs more than 100 successful weight loss surgeries per year. Our expert surgeon, Dr. Panot Yimcharoen, trained at the leading weight loss surgery clinic in Cleveland, Ohio (USA). All surgeries will be performed at any contracted hospital for safety.

Why Choose Rattinan Clinic
Services. From Bodytite liposuction to laser hair removal.
Integrity. We treat people how we would like to be treated.
Excellence. We are passionate and creative in our work.
Focus. We are professional. We are one team and we work together.
Care. We speak to the public and colleagues about what matters to them and we do not assume we know best.
Weight Loss Technology in Bangkok
The Rattinan Clinic has made continual investments in providing the best available services over the past 17 years. Our team only uses branded products and equipment for the main purpose of safety for all patients. Our team of surgeons and medical professionals have over 17 years’ experience in their chosen fields.

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I had a really great experience dealing with this clinic. The staff at Rattinan Clinic went above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of. From the first email to finding me a hotel near by to transporting me to the hospital for the surgery and putting me in a private room for my hospital stay. Everything was as easy as the communication between myself and the staff prior to the surgery. I am very happy I choose this clinic to take care of my needs. Even After the surgery they still kept in touch to see how I was doing and if there was anything that they could help me with. Not to mention their prices were much less than some of the other places I spoke with here in Thailand... Overall I am quite pleased with Rattinan Clinic and would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about any cosmetic surgery here in Thailand.


Bangkok, Thailand

, Bangkok, Thailand

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