London Ophthalmology Centre

Offering the latest techniques in eye care diagnostics and treatments, our centre houses an operating theatre and diagnostic clinic, which is fully registered with the Health Care Commission.  Working as a team of consultant eye surgeons (who each have differing sub-specialties) we ensure a high quality comprehensive service for eye related disease.

We are proud to state that audits into our surgical results for 2007 and 2008 showed 100% success rates (and 0% infection rates) for all surgical procedures we carried out during this period.
We are very aware of the stresses involved in having an operative procedure on a body part as important as your eye.  With this in mind we make the experience as comfortable as possible for our patients.

Our cataract procedures are conducted under topical anesthesia so the procedure is INJECTION FREE.  Using micro-incision key hole surgery we minimize trauma to the eye.  Patients experience a remarkably quick recovery and are able to “use the eye” on the same day.  We offer the best and latest in treatment choices, with a full range of lens implants, including multi-focal injectable lenses.

LondonOC is a recognised centre for the treatment of macular and vascular eye conditions.  Our surgeons administer Avastin and Leucentis, which have both been used in the UK for wet degenerations, and for the first time we are now able to improve vision in cases which was not possible with previous treatments.

With our passion for eye care, investment in our team, and commitment to quality it is no wonder that LondonOC is fast becoming the Central hub for eye surgery in London, with a reputation for quality that is spreading the world over

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Vik Sharma MBBS BSc FRCophth

Specialized in Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

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