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Huahai Vitiligo Hospital is the United Nations scientific demonstration base of diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo. The staff and doctors remain on the forefront of dermatology, offering personal consultations and guidance throughout your experience.

The hospital is utilizing the new technology of "BWCT" — black and white cured together. Since the national promotion in October 2009, it has successfully serviced hundreds of patients throughout almost 114 countries around the world, including the United States, Britain, Japan, Jordan, South Africa and more.

Binzhou Huahai Vitiligo Hospital’s technology of vitiligo treatment is based on traditional Chinese medical theory and is combined with modern medicine. Huahai covers an area of nearly 30000 square meters in a graceful environment.

What Treatments are used for Vitiligo?

BWCT — the treatment of vitiligo is embraced by new technologies that includes a six treatment system: The detoxification exorcism eliminate the cause; balance of negative and positive, control and development; activation function, melanocyte regeneration; integration of exogenous cells and recycling; two-way adjustment, black and white return beauty; eliminate the residual, consolidate curative effect.

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Cheng Aihua, Director of Huahai Vitiligo Hospital

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Zhu Yingxin

Specialized in Dermatology (Skin Care)

Wang Xinsheng

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Zhao Enhua

Chen Shichang

Wang Jiangmei

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Tang Junming

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Song Tianjiao

Song Tianjiao is a college students who got vitiligo. Especially white patches on face made her sad and pressure. Luckily, she got the help from huahai vitiligo hospital. Now she has gotten an admission of graduate school. She never gave up. So she got it.

Toronto, Canada

I just wanna see thank you, they really did a good job for curing my vitiligo. They help me find a new way to live. Thank you.

Baoding, China

To all doctors.thank you very much.All the service are very good.

Hong Kong, China

I got the information of this hospital from website by chance.i got vitiligo for more than twenty years. At first my parent took me to visit so many hospital ,but only a little effect .Then we gave up.Recently,i want to get married .But every boy knew my vitiligo ,they seperated from me .i was very disappointment.Maybe my god want to help me ,the information of Huahai vitiligo hospital appeared when i search one famous movie.I went into their website to satisfy my curiosity. I got intersted in their description.At last ,my parient agreed that they would company with me to come to this hospital.After about 20days ,my vitiligo on face become dark.i was so surprised .Then i use their medicine on time ,most of my vitiligo disappeared until now. i will continue to use the medicine ,and i hope they can build one branch in our country.That is more easy for us.

Aurangabad, India

i am a university student from india,i had vitiligo for 10 years,on my face,hands ,body ,the size is big.i tried many treatment but no result.i am sad,then my father's college told me that binzhou huahai vitiligo hospital can cure ,so i tried,nearly 6 months,my face and body had been cured.that is surprise for me!it is magic!

Lily Zhang
Dalian, China

7years ago, i got vitiligo on my face. it made me crazy. i went to many hospital for treatment, however, it didn't work. thanks to god i heard Huahai Vitiligo Hospital when i watched TV, i wanna have a try. to my surprise, they really made my recovery dream come true! thanks for doctor cheng.

Niu Chuanming
Zao Zhuang City, Shandong Province, China

Niu had vitiligo several years. Thanks to Huahai Vitiligo Hospital 6-month's treatment, recovered and lead a happy life.

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Advanced Technology in China Helping Patients Distressed by Vitiligo

China's newest technology for the treatment of vitiligo is gaining worldwide recognition and success. Vitiligo is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. I...


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