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Premier Dentistry Services in Ankara

HF Dental offers a unique dental experience that is enjoyable, affordable, and most importantly — effective. Combining the right mix of personal care, advanced technology, and continuing education, our team maintains a commitment to our patients in every facet of our practice.

The HF Dental Center is comprised of the top experts in dentistry — accomplished, recognized leaders in the field of Periodontics, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics and General Dentistry.

Why Should I Choose HF Dental Center?

Dental treatments at HF Dental provide the highest quality dental care in a high-technology environment. Using state-of-the-art technology to enhance your experience, dental specialists at HF Dental work diligently to make sure that each and every visit to Turkey’s premier dental clinic is a pleasant one.

    Dental Care (Dentistry)

  • Bad Breath Treatments (Halitosis) Ask
  • Dental Braces Ask
  • Dental Bridges Ask
  • Dental Crowns Ask
  • Dental exam Ask
  • Dental Fillings Ask
  • Dental Implants Ask
  • Dental Surgery Ask
  • Dental Veneers Ask
  • Dental X Rays Ask
  • Dentures (False Teeth) Ask
  • Endodontists (Endodontic Therapy) Ask
  • General Anesthesia Ask
  • Invisalign (Clear Dental Braces) Ask
  • Laser Dental Procedures Ask
  • Orthodontics Ask
  • Root Canal Treatments Ask
  • Sinus Lifting Ask
  • Smile Makeover Ask
  • Total Mouth Reconstruction Ask
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction Ask

R. V. Hülya Dönmezer, Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon

Specialized in Dental Care (Dentistry)

Dr. Fulya Akar , Implant and Esthetic Restorations

Specialized in Dental Care (Dentistry)

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Ankara, Turkey

Tunali Hilmi Caddesi No 80 Kat 3 Daire 2, Kavaklidere Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey

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