Hair Transplant Institute Dominican Republic

The Alba Reyes Sagiv - Skin and Hair Transplant Institute was established in 1999 in the Dominican Republic. Using the latest surgical techniques to help patients get a personalized treatment for full hair restoration.

The Alba Reyes Sagiv-Skin and Hair Transplant institute ensures that every patient will receive personalized and individual attention from Dr. Alba Reyes herself.

Unlike most clinics and facilities that are high volume, like those in the U.S, Canada, and Europe, patients can feel at ease knowing in advance that Dr. Reyes will be performing the surgical procedure.

Dr. Reyes has trained her entire to staff to the highest medical and professional standards. The trained members of institute assist Dr. Reyes with preperation before executing a hair transplant.

The institute staff is trained with advanced microscopes to prepare and increase the survival rate of grafts used for transplants.

To offer the best and most advancend treatment, the institute ensures the latest technology and the most modern facility. Dr. Reyes and staff use the latest technology for hair surgery in medicine to achieve a natural, satisfying result.

Most patients at The Alba Reyes Sagiv-Skin and Hair Transplant institute are treated using MSFU (Mega Session Follicular Unit Transplant). A more advanced version of this is the SMSFU (Super Mega Session Follicular Unit Transplant), which is currently available to a few surgeons worldwide.

These methods allow thousands of hair follicles to be transplanted in a single procedure, that last five to ten hours.

The Alba Reyes Sagiv-Skin and Hair Transplant Institute perform hair transplants using the most effective Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. This technique requires a very skilled surgeon that can extract follicles directly from the scalp to result in an an excellent appearance.

The Alba Reyes Sagiv-Skin and Hair Transplant Institute uses the latest Genetic Test for Finasteride Response to helps to determine the degree of treatment response to Finasteride. Different test results allow Dr. Reyes to determine which method of hair loss treatment is best for patients.

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Hair Transplant Institute Dominican Republic

Calle Socrates Nolasco 6-B Ens. Naco, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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