Elaen Hair Transplant Center

Leading Hair Loss Treatment Center in Mexico

“I am committed to excellence, using only the latest technologies and scientific advancements in hair restoration to ensure outcomes that go beyond a patient’s expectations.” — Dr. Roberto

Are you interested in hair transplantation in Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? At Elaen Plastic Surgery Center, we provide a caring atmosphere that sets us apart from the rest of the world....

The Elaen Plastic Surgery Center in Mexico consists of passionate and experienced medical professionals, who are compassionate about helping you achieve your cosmetic goals and — always strive to meet each patient's needs.

The modern Elaen Plastic Surgery Center attracts patients from around the world because of world-renowned hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Roberto. His remarkable and pioneering work in hair transplant surgery is met with both artistry and technical skill to achieve the most natural and dense results. With minimal recovery and with permanent results, Dr. Roberto provides state-of-the-art hair transplant procedures for the full gamut of those afflicted with hair loss.

Top Hair Transplant Clinic in Mexico

Inside the modern Elaen Hair Transplant Clinic in Puerto Vallara, our team has changed the way patients and the medical community think about hair transplantation. Beyond expertise in hair transplant surgery, Elaen provides safe, customized, and compassionate care for every hair transplant patient.

At Elaen, we not only perform hair transplant surgery for men and women, but Dr. Roberto also evaluates and treat patients with different causes of hair loss and scalp conditions. We approach each hair loss journey with an all-inclusive practice — obtaining a detailed medical history, performing an in-depth examination using state-of-the art diagnostics and, if indicated, blood tests to detect any underlying imbalances that may be contributing to the hair loss.

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Dr. Roberto Gurrero Zazueta, Hair Transplant Surgeon

Specialized in Hair Transplant Surgery

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2 different locations

Elaen Guadalajara

Blvd. Puerta de Hierro 5150, Torre C 4to. Piso, Consultorio 408 C.P. 45110,, Guadalajara, Mexico


Elaen Puerto Vallarta

, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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