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"My first and primary concern is to help my patients not only to loss their extra large weight but also to enjoy a healthy great new life... Guiding my patients throughout their journey of transformation is always my pleasure and my source of motivation in my work as a bariatric surgeon." — Dr. Mohamed Tag

Dr. Mohamed Tag Obesity Clinic is the top weight loss surgery clinic in Cairo.
Led by expert bariatric surgeon, Dr. Mohamed Tag, is an exceptional leader who brings a wealth of experience, innovation and success in transforming lives.

Here at the leading weight loss clinic in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed Tag leads an important position in helping people lose weight and gain back their lives. He is someone whose immense surgical skills and sharp business acumen are complimented by a passion for achieving the best patient experiences and outcomes.

Bariatric Surgery in Cairo, Egypt —

Gastric sleeve in Cairo is performed through 4/5 gastric size dissection and cut which is equal 80 % of gastric size and 1/5 of its size (20 %) left. Therefore the digestive system still works the same without change.That what makes the surgery safe without any side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, GERD and others.

In Gastric bypass in Cairo, a pouch in the upper of stomach is performed longer than traditional gastric bypass that pouch performs the same job of the stomach and is separated from the rest of the stomach. It is then connected to the small intestine by modern staplers which are the same as those used in Europe and the United States. The operation is done by laparoscopic 4 or 5 small openings not more than 1 cm (We use a high precision telescope under total anathesia.

    Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

  • Duodenal Switch Surgery Ask
  • Gastric Balloon Ask
  • Gastric Banding Surgery (Lap Band) Ask
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery (GBP) Ask
  • Lap band fills Ask
  • Pediatric Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery) Ask
  • Post surgery healthy eating education Ask
  • Post Weight Loss Marriage and Divorce Counseling Ask
  • Revision Weight Loss Surgery Ask
  • Roux en y gastric bypass Ask
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy Ask
  • Stomach Staple Procedures (Gastric Stapling) Ask

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Tag, Consultant of surgery and laparoscopy

Specialized in Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

Dr. A. Ayman Mohsen, Anaesthesia

Specialized in Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery)

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Cairo, Egypt

6, 77 st., El-Maadi, in front of National Bank of Egypt (9 st. branch), beside El-Maadi metro station, Cairo, Egypt

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