Dental Cibao Spa

top dental clinic in Santiago, Dominican Republic

We bring you the latest technology to replace missing teeth with high-quality implants approved by FDA , placed by Dr. Enrique Rojas, selected as “Dental Implants International Speaker for Latin America”.

In our clinic, you will find the best equipment and technology to give you specialized and advanced treatments in the most relaxing environment.

Why choose Dental Cibao Spa

Lifetime guarantee in our dental implants treatments when you come to us for maintenance care
Certified specialist leaders in their areas of expertise
Highly trained staff with a proven track record
A personalized approach to dentistry with affordable cost
Patient-centric philosophy

Dr. Enrique Rojas Giménez, Implantologist and Periodontist

Specialized in Dental Care (Dentistry)

Dra. Lizther Jaime, Periodontist

Specialized in Dental Care (Dentistry)

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Ramon Matias Mella Street with Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, BIOPLAZA, 2nd. Level, La Trinitaria, Santiago, Dominican Republic., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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