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Leading Hair Transplant Surgery in Spain

Pioneers in hair graft, the Clinica Ceta offers cosmetic dermatology, vascular surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and — affordable hair transplant surgery.

Clinica Ceta Madrid has been offering expert services in the field of hair restoration for over 10 years and performed over 2,000 FUE hair transplants. The clinic warmly welcomes patients in a high-quality, modernized setting. Treatments performed at Ceta clinics in Madrid are supervised by the Medical Director of Clinical CETA.

Leading Hair Transplant Surgeons in Spain —

The hair transplant team at Ceta has over 10 years of experience in treating hair loss. The staff consists of 3 high qualified physicians and 3 assistants dedicated exclusively to hair restoration. The hair restoration clinic is world-renowned in the field of hair restoration and accepts nothing but perfection from our entire surgical staff.

The physicians at the clinic serve as members of the International Society of Hair Restorations Surgery. The team is dedicated to providing our patients with the latest advancements in hair restoration and low hair transplant costs.

The goal is to provide each patient with the best solution to their hair loss. Each case is unique and must be treated in a completely customized approach. The team at Ceta seeks the best, most natural solutions to your problem.

    Hair Transplant Surgery

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  • Hair Loss Surgery for Women Ask
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Dr. Alexandros Seiadatan , Hair Trasplantation

Specialized in Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Manuel Martínez , Hair Trasplantation

Specialized in Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Cristina de Hoyos , Hair Trasplantation

Specialized in Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Moisés Martín Anaya , Plastic Surgery

Specialized in Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Guillermo Moñux Ducajú , Vascular Surgery

Specialized in Hair Transplant Surgery

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Clinica Ceta Hair Transplant Surgeons Creating Stunning, Natural-Looking Results

Hair transplantation has seen revolutionary advancements in the last 10 years. Clinica Ceta in Spain has been at the forefront of these persistent developments. The leading hair restoration provider i...


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