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Welcome to the CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico located in Puerto Vallarta! We are the leading surrogacy center in Mexico helping single, same-sex couples and heterosexual couples get blessed with the gift of a child.

There are many advantages to choosing CARE Surrogacy Mexico and the most important among them is cost and location. Being located in Tabasco, Mexico we work with surrogates, egg donors and intended parents from nearly every state and with international intended parents as well. We take pride in making intended parents dream of having-a-baby a vivid reality.

Surrogacy Laws in Tabasco —

Surrogacy is legal in Tabasco. The State of Tabasco has been a leading pioneer in Mexico fertility practice, providing a safe haven for intended parents and viable option to help you start a family. With the most progressive laws in North America, married couples in donor and gestational arrangements are fully protected by Tabasco state laws.

We adhere to fertility practice guidelines in all our surrogacy and egg donor programs. We will work closely with our affiliate attorney to insure your contract is clear, executed efficiently and accurately. CARE surrogacy provides professional coordination throughout your surrogacy journey. We will be by your side every step of the way to ensure you have a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Cost of Surrogacy Programs in Tabasco —

The cost is another major concern for intended parents who wish to proceed with Mexico surrogacy. Our program (CARE Surrogacy Mexico) in Tabasco offers the benefit of operating in a state with no state income tax. Additionally, the cost of living in Mexico is cheaper than most IVF and surrogacy destinations abroad due to the lower cost of living, reduced overhead fees and close proximity to the US & Canada.

High Success Rates —

Our advanced fertility treatments in Mexico are unparalleled by high standards. Surrogacy programs offered in Mexico are designed with you in mind. Egg donors and surrogate mothers are professionally screened, including detailed background checks, and are psychologically interviewed by a mental specialist.

Favorable & Convenient Location —

Our main offices are favorably located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Traveling to Tabasco for the surrogate birth is a simple, smooth and stress-free experience. American and Canadian travelers can comfortably get to Tabasco via major airports in North America including Carlos Rovirosa International, General Leobardo C. Ruiz International, and Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International.

We can arrange for airport-to-hotel, to clinic pick-ups. We will also be glad to make recommendations for your travel accommodation and provide with travel tips to allow you make the most of your stay in Mexico.

Surrogacy is an emotionally-demanding and complex process. That’s why we make every effort to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey to parenthood.

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Hellmuth Alexanderson, Sales and Quality Manager

Sergio Gomez, Journey Coordinator

Jack Bond, Journey Coordinator

Carolina Fonseca, IVF Specialist

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