Our Vision is to be the leading edge eye care provider in Turkey

Founded in 2004, Batigöz Ophtalmology Hospital Group, offers continuous expert treatment to all problems related to eye care. Today, we continue to be the solution for all major eye diseases with a team of over 250-personnel — a hospital and 3 branches solely in Izmir. Our Vision is to be the leading edge eye care provider in Turkey and abroad by establishing a network of check up & diagnostic centers in Turkey and abroad by 2020, while keeping optimum patient and employee satisfaction as our primary goal.

Our Mission is to understand the needs of our patients and medical teams, provide a wide range of high quality eye care treatment to any patient within our network supported by cutting edge technology and scientific research, while at the same time delivering superior profits.

Changing the World — One Eye at a Time

In 2015, we have focused our attention on Istanbul and started offering services by opening our first branch in Altunizade on the Anatolian side of the city. The enhancement efforts in our Istanbul hospital are still in progress. In addition to this we are also eyeing other growth options in Istanbul on the European side which we have planned to open in the coming years. We continue to sustain our investments related to Medical Tourism as a part of the sectoral guidance and incentives of the Ministry of Health. Our aim is to provide the best service to foreign patients visiting Turkey and thus contributing to the promotion of our country.

Among the other ongoing projects, we have recently also agreed to start hospital projects effective 2016, in Batman and Manisa. Two projects in areas with great potential that personally excite me a lot. Over the years Batigoz & West Eye Health group grew significantly to a size now, that requires a fully equipped corporate team to manage it and further develop the business for the future. We will continue to grow with solid steps with this specialized corporate team in the lead who joined us as part of our institutionalization efforts along with our transfer to Istanbul. We sustain our services with the aim to establish patient-doctor relationships with empathy. We also continue to increase the number of our hospitals, using the latest technology and know-how available and providing all necessary training and support to our medical staff creating a work & service culture which serves all our patient.

Throughout the years we have gradually build on this experience and are offering now a wide range of professional services in our hospitals through our Medical and Concierge Services units such as:

-24/7 operational and multi lingual call centre
- English speaking medical staff
- Professional hostesses able to assist in Russian, German, Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Arabic
- Full assistance and guidance by hostesses during check ups as well as operation and post operation check ups.
-All documentation and medical reports in Russian, German, Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Arabic
-Insurance intermediate services
-Professional airport meet and greet services
-Professional airport – hotel – hospital transfer services
-Professional tourism team ready to assist with any type of tours and or accomodation throughout Turkey or Romania

Quality Management —

-TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System
-TS 18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System
-TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
-TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System

    Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

  • Astigmatism Correction Ask
  • Blindness and vision impairment Treatments Ask
  • Cataract Surgery Options Ask
  • Contact Lenses Ask
  • Cornea Transplant Ask
  • Detached Retina Treatments Ask
  • Diabetic Retinopathy Treatments Ask
  • Dry Eyes Treatments Ask
  • Epimacular Brachytherapy Ask
  • Eye Exam Ask
  • Eye Patch Ask
  • Eye Surgery Options Ask
  • Eyeglasses Ask
  • Farsightedness Longsighted Correction Ask
  • Glaucoma Treatments Ask
  • Lasik eye surgery Ask
  • Light Adjustable Lenses (LAL) Ask
  • Macular Degeneration Treatments Ask
  • Near Sighted Short Sighted Correction Ask
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology Ask
  • Progressive Lenses Ask
  • Prosthetics Eyes Options Ask
  • Pterygium Surgery (Surfers Eye) Ask
  • Ptosis (Lazy Eye) Correction Ask
  • Squint Correction Ask
  • Strabismus Surgery Options Ask
  • Tear Duct Repair Ask
  • Trifocals Ask


Specialized in Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Op. Dr. Mehmet SÖYLER , Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı

Specialized in Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Suphi Acar Prof. M.D.

Specialized in Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Halil İbrahim Altınsoy Prof. M.D.

Specialized in Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Banu Acar Ass. Prof. M.D.

Specialized in Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Dilhan Süer M.D.

Specialized in Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Mustafa Er M.D.

Specialized in Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

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10 years ago, I had a laser operation which was carried by Ph.Serkan BİLİŞ who gave me a chance to view the environment clearly without glasses. Today I still have the same pleasure too keep on my life thanks to Ph. Serkan BİLİŞ


Hello, I was consulted physican Gökhan AVSEVER, at Batıgöz Hatay in 2014. Thus, I thank Ph.Gökhan AVSEVER and his working team very much.

türkan şahin

I thank Ph.Emre YILMAZ who performed my mother's cataract surgery. As soon as we got in Batıgöz Hospital there was a very kind of hospilaty, help and interest. It is therefore I'd like to congratulate the hospital management who brought together all staff.


Batıgoz Istanbul

+90 (537)

Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Kerim Gökay cad. no 15, Istanbul, Turkey

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