Alanya International Dental Clinic

Alanya International is Turkey’s most comprehensive dental clinic offering the highest standards of aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry. The clinic staff always puts the patient’s dental needs first and creates the perfect plan using painless methods to restore your teeth and give you a better, brighter and healthier smile. While employing a blend of art and dental science in their treatment techniques, the clinic offers most advanced aesthetic dental procedures comprised of dental crowns, dental veneers and dental implants.

From safe and gentle tooth whitening to complete smile makeovers, Alanya International dental clinic has award-winning expert dentists and oral hygienists to put a confident smile on your face. The clinic utilizes the latest dental techniques and technology to help you maintain strong and healthy teeth. When you travel to Turkey for dental treatment at Alanya International dental clinic, you can expect to receive the same level of attention and care from any world-class dental destination.

Every staff member in the clinic strives to enhance your appearance, comfort and dental health while taking into account all your goals and concerns and dental needs.Through the continual advancements in the science of aesthetic dentistry, dentists at the clinic have the capacity to restore virtually any smile to health, youthfulness and symmetry.

The clinic’s core mission is to encourage the improvement of the oral and general health of the public, promote the art and science of dentistry and support dental patients to provide safe and successful oral care.The flexible office hours make setting an appointment with the dentist for your treatment a breeze.

The administrative staff is always available and more than happy to book you an appointment at your earliest convenience to make sure you are never kept waiting. A simple dental treatment, can make look and feel younger and take your self-confidence to new heights. Your smile always reflects your personality and it is the representation of you on the inside. Your dental treatment in Alanya will help you achieve your inner smile.

    Dental Care (Dentistry)

  • Air Abrasion Treatments Ask
  • Antibiotic And Antifungal Treatments Ask
  • Bad Breath Treatments (Halitosis) Ask
  • Bone Graft Ask
  • Botox Ask
  • CAD/CAM Dental Restorations Ask
  • CEREC Dental Restorations Ask
  • Chipped Tooth Repair Ask
  • Cracked or Missing Teeth Dental Options Ask
  • Cyst Removal Ask
  • Dental Bonding Ask
  • Dental Braces Ask
  • Dental Bridges Ask
  • Dental Cleaning Scaling Polishing Ask
  • Dental Crowns Ask
  • Dental exam Ask
  • Dental Fillings Ask
  • Dental Implants Ask
  • Dental Surgery Ask
  • Dental Veneers Ask
  • Dental X Rays Ask
  • Dentures (False Teeth) Ask
  • Endodontists (Endodontic Therapy) Ask
  • Fluoride Therapy Ask
  • General Anesthesia Ask
  • Gentle Comfort Dentistry Ask
  • Gingivitis Treatment Ask
  • Grinding Teeth Treatments (Bruxism) Ask
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration GTR Ask
  • Healozone Dentistry Ask
  • Holistic Dentistry Ask
  • Instant Orthodontics Ask
  • Invisalign (Clear Dental Braces) Ask
  • Jaw Surgery (Osteotomy) Ask
  • Laser Dental Procedures Ask
  • Lip Augmentation Ask
  • Mercury-free Dentistry Ask
  • Oral Cancer Treatments Ask
  • Orthodontics Ask
  • Periodontal Gum Disease Treatments Ask
  • Porcelain Inlays and Onlays Ask
  • Reconstructive Dental Treatments Ask
  • Root Canal Treatments Ask
  • Sedation Dentistry Ask
  • Sinus Lifting Ask
  • Sleep Apnea and Snoring Ask
  • Smile Makeover Ask
  • Stem Cell Therapy Ask
  • Teeth Whitening Ask
  • TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) Treatments Ask
  • Tongue Tie Operation (Lingual Frenectomy) Ask
  • Tooth Contouring and Reshaping Ask
  • Tooth Desensitization Ask
  • Tooth Extraction Ask
  • Tooth Jewelry Ask
  • Tooth Sealants Ask
  • Total Mouth Reconstruction Ask
  • Zoom (Teeth Whitening) Ask

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Alanya International Dental Clinic

Alanya, Antalya, Turkey, Antalya, Turkey

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