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Women's Thoughts are Preoccupied with Food- Not Sex

By Sarah Leavitt - Medical Research Editor | January 25th, 2011

You’re staring at the mirror ensuring you look appropriate for the big date that awaits you. As you fix your part and line your lips, are you thinking about food? Or are you thinking about sex?

According to a new study published this month, you’re more likely to be thinking about food.

A study of women in Britain commissioned by Weight Watchers showed that women are more likely to fantasize about food than sex.

The study, which surveyed five thousand people, demonstrated that 25 percent of women think about food every thirty minutes while 10 percent claimed to fantasize about sex every thirty minutes. In comparison, 36 percent of men admitted to thinking about sex (not food) every thirty minutes. When asked if they think about sex ten times a day, 58 percent of women said yes but 70 percent admitted to thinking about food far more regularly. 53 percent of women think about their weight ten times a day.

The average male thinks about sex thirteen times a day while the average female thinks of sex just five times a day. Almost one third of men surveyed admitted that sex is on their mind immediately when waking up in the mornings. While men are notorious for thinking of sex more often than women, the numbers in comparison to food are drastically different.

The study reveals how women are more mindful of their diet and weight than they are drawn to thoughts about sex. Men are much less preoccupied with such thoughts.The study went a step further to analyze the types of food that consume female minds, the most popular comprising of chocolate, alcohol, roast potatoes and desserts in general.

Other results demonstrated that most women feel uncomfortable eating in front of men and 40 percent felt that they are constantly on a diet. Half of the women surveyed admitted to feeling uneasy while undressing in front of a partner. 

Sex and diet are both influential of overall health. A good diet helps prevent against heart disease and obesity. Furthermore, healthy people tend to have more sex than unhealthy individuals. Researchers are still learning about the influence sex has on overall health but there is evidence that a healthy sex life can assist with certain problems such as sleep disorders.

Now, when men are daydreaming off in space, you have a fairly good estimate of what they’re thinking. Women who are lost in thought will most likely be thinking of their diet as opposed to their male counterparts.

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