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Medical and Wellness Spa Trends for 2012

January 11th, 2012

The holiday season has officially passed and the New Year is upon us.

Hopefully the holidays brought you a few extra dollars to spend on yourself, perhaps at a spa? Maybe you found spa gift certificates in your stocking. Before you run off to redeem those spa bucks, educate yourself on the top spa trends of 2012.

If you visit a spa this year, you'll be getting more than just the typical manicure and pedicure. Podiatry, or specialized foot care, tops the list at number one. You won’t exactly be putting your feet up, as spas will be focusing specifically on foot fitness and health.

SpaFinder tells of a "“Healthy Feet program at Canyon Ranch" aimed at improving the health of your feet, as well as a foot boot camp in New York that will "assess people’s walk, improve their posture and offer a host of therapies designed to “get people’s shoes out of their feet.”

Feet may be hot on the list of spa trends, but oddly enough, heat is not. It was reported that cold and ice treatments are the new sauna and steam room.

The most shocking and extreme part of this cooling spa trend is an experience called cryotherapy. SpaFinder describes cryotherapy as a “chamber cooled to the mind-numbing temperature of -120 degrees C (or -184 degrees F). “

Apparently cryotherapy can help even the most elite athletes recover from pain and inflammation as a result of working out, though a human can only last for a few minutes inside the below freezing chamber.

If cryotherapy just makes you want to cry, you might want focus on some of the other spa trends of 2012.
This year, you might want to make your next day spa trip more than just a one-day commitment.

SpaFinder says, “Destination spas are taking the lead with both at-the-spa “coaching” models and post-stay coaching connections.”

A little education during and following your spa trip might just help you really get your money’s worth that day.

This year spas around the world will also follow the online trend with health and wellness games. These games, designed to be fun and social, will encourage spa-goers to hop online and continue following a plan to achieve all of their health and beauty goals.

Rounding out the list of the top spa trends of 2012 are glitz and glam, family spa-ing, sensory experience therapies, exploring the science behind a spa experience, and mixing fine dining into the day spa routine; the concept is similar to an amusement park, but instead of roller coasters, the focus is all about family-oriented health and wellness.

If you plan to visit a day spa this year, whether it’s in the U.S., the U.A.E., Turkey or India, look for one that can offer some of the new and exciting spa trends of 2012.

Here’s to a year of ultimate health, beauty and wellness!

To learn more about medical and wellness spa options, contact a dermatologist near you.


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