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Increasing Number of Men Seeking Plastic Surgery in Brazil

By Kai Wade - Director of Communications & Social Media | July 10th, 2015

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has ranked Brazil the number one country for cosmetic surgeries performed. And it’s no surprise — as Brazilians interest in plastic surgery is deeply embedded in the cultural essence, and interconnected to physical appearance, ethnicity, and social status.

More and more men are seeking plastic surgery in Brazil to not only look younger, but also remain competitive in the job market.

The head of Brazil’s Plastic Surgery Society, Dr. Prado Nato states, “Men are working in industries where appearance is very important. They no longer work the land or in factories, they’re gym teachers, salesmen, fashion PRs, all which depend more on image.”

Spotlight — Dr. Ronaldo Passalini

Whether you are looking for facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement, or body contouring — the top plastic surgery clinic in Rio de Janeiro will recommend the safest and most innovative options available today.

The plastic surgery center of Dr. Ronaldo Passalini performs personalized consultations — targeted to the specific needs of each of patients. With this strategy, the clinic achieves the most beautiful, harmonious results.

“I love what I do and I realize when a patient demonstrates their satisfaction with my work it inspires me to better serve my patients,” stated Dr. Ronaldo.

The plastic surgery center in Brazil specializes in a broad range of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures including breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, neck and face lift surgery, and vaginoplasty, as well as non-surgical procedures such as Botox.

Trending — A Brotox Market

Wrinkles and sagging skin? Men are increasingly seeking ways to maintain their youthful appearance. According to a new study in the journal Cosmetic Dermatology, the number of American men receiving Botox injections has climbed 258 percent over the past decade.

Botox is an effective remedy to eliminate crows feet, frown lines, deep wrinkles between the brow, fine lines around the mouth and can be used to reduce the appearance of expression lines on the forehead.

In clinical studies for moderate to severe frown lines, 17.5 percent of patients treated with Botox were men. In the clinical studies for moderate to severe crow's feet, male patients comprised of approximately 10 percent of patients treated with Botox.

"We're starting to see signs of life about men being more open about talking to a doctor about aging," stated Allergan chief executive Brent Saunders.

To learn more about plastic surgery, contact a plastic surgeon near you.




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