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Hungary Headed to the Top of the Medical Tourism Industry

By Kai Wade - Director of Communications & Social Media | May 1st, 2015

Hungarian medical providers are now finding success in the medical tourism industry with strong revenue growth in 2015. More and more patients from the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Russia and Scandinavia — are seeking dental treatment and top-notch plastic surgery procedures.

Hungary’s high medical tourism ranking is a testament to the fact that the Central European country is on the leading edge of affordability, reliability, and quality and customer service. On average, patients traveling to Hungary save between 40 and 70 percent compared to the costs in the USA, Scandinavian countries and European counterparts. Patients are not only saving money, but also enjoying a vacation in the scenic and historic European nation.

With strong growth, dental clinics and plastic surgery centers in Hungary are providing a solid foundation to achieve a top spot in the medical tourism industry.

Personalized, Advanced Dental Treatments

European medical tourists are consistently amazed to discover that Budapest provides the characteristics they expect in premier dental treatments. Dental clinics in Hungary are known for their professional manner, modern clinics and affordable prices.

HQ Dental Clinic in Hungary provides premium dental care and advanced techniques in a relaxed and caring environment in Budapest. The dental practice strives to educate all patients in proper preventative care, as well leading variations in restorative dental procedures.

Crystal Dental Clinic offers patients personalized and comprehensive dental care — in a comforting and modernized setting. The clinic boasts panoramic views of the famed Elizabeth square. The dental center in Budapest offers solutions to complex dental needs and helps patients who are seeking other specialty treatments when the need arises. Top treatments at the dental clinic in Hungary include dental veneers, dental crowns, dental fillings and bridges.

Top Plastic Surgery Clinic in Budapest

Hungary's highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons offer patients the latest available procedures in cosmetic surgery — carried out in contemporary, state-of-the-art clinics and hospitals.

The Medical Aesthetic Center Boulevard in Hungary is providing the latest in aesthetic surgery technology. The clinic offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for the face, neck and décolletage rejuvenation.

Medical Aesthetics’ Chief medical director, Dr. Papp Ildikó, is an internationally recognized expert in facial aesthetics. The plastic surgery clinic in Budapest strive to deliver excellent, personalized service to every patient interested in improving his or her look with the help of aesthetic surgery.

The clinic has become a hallmark for today’s medical tourism market — helping drive a new generation of medical tourists to Hungary.

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