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Three Unforeseen Behaviors Disrupting Your Sleep

By Kai Wade - Director of Communications & Social Media | November 20th, 2014

If you’re having trouble falling or even staying asleep at night, could the nutriments you are digesting be the culprit?

“Steer clear of these top sleep saboteurs, and you should be getting a good night’s rest in no time,” stated dietitian Shelly Redmond, R.D., Author of Eat Well and Be Fabulous.

Caffeine. While coffee and soda are obvious culprits, many of us are unaware that OTC meds contain caffeine, too, as well as some types of tea. Consciously check the labels and do not take any more than eight hours before bedtime.

Alcohol. A glass of wine might sure seems to make you feel relaxed, but studies indicate that alcohol causes frequent awakening. Alcohol tends to reduce REM sleep — and without it, weariness sets in. Consume no more than one glass one to two hours before bedtime.

Water. Water is great way to stay healthy, but the unfortunate side effect of water could be waking you up for late night bathroom breaks. This tends to interrupt your sleep cycle. Try to avoid drinking fluids 60-90 minutes before your bedtime.


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