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Soda is a No No; Water is a Go Go

By Brandie Umar - Executive Director of Content | February 6th, 2012

Come on! We here it all the time. Soda is bad and water is good, so why do millions of American's still consume nearly 45 gallons of soda a year? By the way that's comparable to filling up a kiddy pool!

Soda is addictive, full of sugar, and harmful to ones health. Here are the shocking facts why you should kick the habit and get off the soda!

#1 You're drinking harmful fats!

According to researchers, soda contains harmful hidden fats like liver fats and skeletal fats and causes an increase in high cholesterol.

Don't think you are safe just because you drink the "diet" versions. They contain artificial sweeteners and color dyes that have been shown to induce hyperactivity and brain damage and a higher risk for diabetes.

#2 You're drinking flame retardant!

Mountain Dew contains brominated vegetable oil, a known flame retardant. It's used to keep the liquids from separating in the soda.

Brominated vegetable oil can cause bromide poisoning symptoms like skin lesions, loss of memory, and nerve disorders.

#3 You're drinking genetically engineered corn!

These types of engineered food products have only been on the market since the early 90's so the long term effects are not quite clear. But by drinking soda you are indulging in high-fructose corn syrup which is known to cause heart damage. Not to mention that some genetically engineered crops have been linked to infertility, digestive problems, and make you age faster.

If these aren't enough reasons to steer you towards drinking water instead of soda, then your a lost cause! Enjoy the taste because that is all soda has going for it.

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