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Clinica Ceta Hair Transplant Surgeons Creating Stunning, Natural-Looking Results

By Kai Wade - Director of Communications & Social Media | June 19th, 2015

Hair transplantation has seen revolutionary advancements in the last 10 years. Clinica Ceta in Spain has been at the forefront of these persistent developments. The leading hair restoration provider in Madrid is combining extensive research with a variety of artistic techniques to enhance the efficiency of the each hair transplant procedure.

Being at the forefront of the industry, Clinica Ceta hair transplant surgeons are recognized among the most experienced and highly skilled FUE surgeons in the world.

The hair loss clinic offers proven hair loss treatment solutions for men and women suffering from thinning hair, balding, and medically related hair loss. The medical staff is committed to the treatment of hair loss, offering the latest state-of-the-art medical hair restoration and hair transplantation procedures available today.

Clinica Ceta performs the FUE-CETA procedure with no visible scarring and same-day supplementary interventions. The clinic also offers Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), hair loss surgery for women, strip surgery scar repair, beard hair transplant and eyebrow transplants — as well as cosmetic dermatology, vascular surgery, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in Spain is a minimally invasive hair transplantation technique in which follicular unit grafts are individually removed from the patient’s donor area and then individually transplanted to the recipient thinning area. The grafts are removed using a precision tool and then placed in the recipient area.

Using an innovative instrument, individual follicular units are extracted from the patient’s scalp. The device makes a tiny circular incision around the follicular unit to isolate the graft. The graft is then extracted directly from the scalp and prepared for placement. Follicular units are arranged into groups depending on the number of hairs contained within each follicle. Detailed attention to the location, angle and depth of each unit ensures stunning, natural-looking hairline and results.

Benefits of FUE at Clinica Ceta in Spain

  • No stitches; donor area appears mostly unchanged within days
  • Natural-looking and permanent results
  • State-of-the-art minimally invasive technique
  • Simple outpatient procedure
  • Fast recovery time

Trending News — Teens Seeking Hair Transplant Surgery

Young teens battling male pattern baldness are increasingly seeking cosmetic surgeons for hair transplants. “There was a spike in hair transplant procedures in the past 12 months,” indicated Dr. Keith Durante, a hair transplant surgeon based in Islip, New York.

Dr. Durante further explained the growing popularity of the procedure resultant of the selfie phenomenon. Young men with less hair are often hesitant to post selfies because of the added fear of negative comments or rejections from friends.

Dr. Durante estimates that the number of his patients, who are getting younger, has increased by about 50 percent in the past 12 months.

To learn more about hair transplant surgery, contact a hair loss provider near you.




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