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Childrens' Health: Ear tubes safe with Cochlear Implants

By Brandie Umar - Executive Director of Content | June 24th, 2010

Research in the USA has cleared up the confusion around the safety of ear tubes for children with cochlear implants.


Cochlear implants, an electrical device superior to a hearing aid that can help overcome hearing loss, are recommended to be fitted in children as soon as hearing problems identifying them as suitable candidates are odentified. If possible, children are fitted with cochlear implants before the age of three. Middle ear infections are common in children from age 18months -3 years old and are routinely treated using ear tubes to drain the infection. 


ENT specialists had been divided on whether children who are suitable candidates for cochlear implants could be fitted with ear tubes or whether the ear tubing could damage the ear drum slightly preventing the implants from being a successful hearing aid device.


Researchers at the Univeristy of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) have determined that using ear tubes poses no risk to the childs hearing and does not intefere with cochlear implants after monitoring 62 children aged 1-5 who were all successfully fitted with implants.


Cochlear implants can significantly improve a childs hearing. For more information, contact an ENT specialist.


Source: UAB 




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