Intended Parents

A person or couple who seeks family building options

By Kai Wade, Director of Communications & Social MediaLast modified: January 20, 2012

Intended Parents

When Intended Parents come to the realization that Surrogacy is their last option, they are fronting a whole new world. A Surrogacy journey should be ardently and understandingly rewarding from the very first stride.

The challenges you will face along the journey of becoming parents will unavoidably surface. Intended Parents often times become both emotionally and financially strained, physically tired, and are not prepared for what should take place.

Some Intended Parents seeking a Surrogacy arrangement have lost their ability to reproduce due to cancer, birth defects, or age. Couples may also face unexplained infertility. Whatever the reason, it takes an emotional and painful toll to not be able to carry your own child. If you have spent an improbable amount of your life savings on In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), recompensing a Surrogate, attorney, or clinic to even grasp your dream may feel overwhelmingly unfair.

Gay singles or couples, also look to build families and become parents through Surrogacy. Gay singles and couples are becoming active partakers in the Surrogacy world.

So, where do you start? What is the first step?

The Surrogacy journey begins by finding a finding a Surrogacy agency. Selecting an agency should be centered on the agency’s ability to provide confidentiality, compassion, communication, and sustenance during the entire surrogacy process.

Once you have selected an agency a retainer agreement is presented. A Surrogate Mother is carefully selected and legal contracts are drawn up between the Intended Parents/Surrogate Mother/ and Egg Donor to establish the legal rights of each party involved. Compassion and trust are indispensable and essential from all parties to make this a blissful and positive experience.

As the matching procedure lands successful the medications for the management of cycles and planning for embryo transfer originates.

With the right connections, a Surrogacy journey to parenthood can be incredible! From the first stride to the contract phase, cycle management, pregnancy, birth, and afterwards it is imperative to be informed of all of your options.

For more information, find a surrogacy provider near you and impetus your journey to becoming a parent.


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