Egg Donation

Surrogacy with egg donation is a form of gestational surrogacy

By Sarah Leavitt, Medical Research EditorLast modified: January 17, 2012

Surrogacy With Egg Donation

Surrogacy with egg donation means that neither the surrogate mother nor the mother-to-be is biologically related to the child, eliminating any legal issues about parenthood that may arise. Surrogacy with egg donation is also generally easier for the surrogate mother to give up her child after birth.

Surrogacy with egg donation is a type of gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, the male and female partners provide their sperm and eggs to produce an embryo through an IVF procedure. In all cases of gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother does not use her own eggs to create the embryo.

Surrogacy with egg donation is carried out the same way as any surrogacy procedure where the surrogate mother does not provide her own eggs. Male sperm is prepared and female eggs are collected to create an embryo in-vitro. After the fertilization has occurred, the embryo is transferred into the surrogate mother, who would have been taking hormonal fertility drugs to prepare her uterus for the pregnancy.

Women with severe female infertility factors who cannot carry a pregnancy and whose eggs are not suitable for fertilization are good candidates for surrogacy with egg donation. As in IVF with egg donation, patients can choose an egg donor based on a number of criteria. Egg donors are fully screened and must pass specific health tests in order to donate their eggs. 

Surrogacy with egg donation allows the male partner to use his own semen so that he is biologically related to the child.


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