Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)

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Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)

Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)

What is Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)?

Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, enhances your facial appearance through of form of surface tattooing. This enhancement procedure is revolutionizing the traditional world of cosmetics. Envision the perfect lush eyebrows, strikingly defined eyes deliciously appealing lips, permanently camouflaged scar… but imagine them lasting several years instead of overnight. Over the last 15 years, the cosmetic industry has flourished in popularity. In today’s culture, young to elderly women (and men too) are glued to the benefits of permanent, hassle-free, waterproof enhancing of micropigmentation.

A Good Candidate for Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)

An ideal candidate for permanent makeup is someone who is in good health and has a realistic expectation of the results that will be obtained with this procedure. It is important to be extremely specific about effects desired.
Women who have ethnically darker skin tones may not be good candidates, as pigmentation may prevent the micropigmentation colors from revealing properly. Those who spend a large amount of time in tanning booths, or under the sun are also discouraged from micropigmentation since the pigment colors can change with sunlight exposure.

Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation) Options

Eyebrows - Eyeliner - Full Lip Color - Lip Liner - Scar Camouflage - Hair Imitation -
Lash Enhancement - Areola Restoration - Cleft lip Correction - Vitiligo

Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation) Procedure

The permanent makeup procedure involves the surface of the skin (epidermis), as well as the layer beneath the surface (dermis), as you normally shed dead skin cells and would alter the coloration results of the procedure. This results in tattooing the color (pigment) onto both layers of the skin. The colors and shades of the pigment will initially be discussed with your doctor to determine the amount of treatments needed to achieve the desired effects. The pigment will be applied using either an electric tool or cosmetic pen (with sterile needles) to implant tiny pigment granules below the skins surface.

Side Effects and Risks of Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)

All cosmetic procedures can involve some risk including infection (which can be treated with antibiotics), allergic reactions, swelling, bleeding, formation of keloids and granulomas.
There is commonly some soreness for two to four days. The color is much darker than you may expect for the first six to ten days. Micropigmentation is a “permanent” procedure however, fading can occur with age and sunlight exposure.

Cost of Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation)

Micropigmentation can cost an average of $350 to $1800, per procedure. The fees depend on the region where the procedure is performed and the qualifications of the individual performing the procedure.

Find a doctor who can apply Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation) for you.

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