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Allumera Skin Rejuvenation

What is Allumera Skin Rejuvenation?


Allumera Skin Rejuvenation is a photodynamic cosmetology treatment that consists of a dermatological cream that is applied to the face and then radiated with light, which removes diseased cells causing a reduction in dark under eye circles and puffiness, pore size, crow’s feet, and fine lines. Great genes only go so far in maintaining a youthful glow. Allumera Skin Rejuvenation can assist in the reduction of several facial flaws that occur because of sun damage and the natural aging process.  Clinical trials have shown impressive results through the use of Allumera Skin Rejuvenation treatments with over 70% of test subjects stating that they saw a significant increase in skin elasticity, and a decrease in dark under eye circles and puffiness, crow’s feet, fine lines, and reduce the size of pores.  

Allumera Skin Rejuvenation is a new cream based cosmetic correction product that is enhanced through the use of lights. What makes Allumera Skin Rejuvenation unique?  It is the first safe topical cream on the market that attaches in larger quantities to diseased cells within the derma and turns into a product that releases a biochemical renewing compound when it is stimulated by a cosmetic surgeon controlled light source.  Allumera Skin Rejuvenation can be given as a treatment by all types of cosmetic surgeons including board-certified plastic surgeons, facial surgeons, aesthetic surgeons, and facial surgeons as well as in certain spa environments.



A Good Candidate for Allumera Skin Rejuvenation


Ideal candidates for Allumera Skin Rejuvenation include those who have wrinkles, lack skin elasticity, or boast dark puffy under eye circles. Research is currently being conducted to see if this photodynamic topical cream can be used to treat mild to moderate skin carcinomas as effectively as others in its class and current clinical results are promising. Consulting with a cosmetic surgeon is important to determine if there are any past medical issues that will prohibit the patient from participating in this treatment. This treatment has not been cleared for use on children under 18. 



Allumera Skin Rejuvenation Procedure


The procedure for Allumera Skin Rejuvenation is simple.  A leading cosmetic surgeon applies the topical cream to the patients face.  The client can wear the cream for up to one hour as it penetrates the damaged cells within their facial derma.  Then a cosmetic surgeon uses a light to penetrate down to the cellular structure. Often three treatments are required to achieve maximum rejuvenation results.



Allumera Skin Rejuvenation Recovery


Recovery from Allumera Skin Rejuvenation is relatively easy.  Patients may be advised to wear a titanium dioxide based sunscreen or wear a wide brimmed hat for up to 48 hours after treatment as the topical cream can cause heightened UV skin sensitivity.  No tanning is allowed for at least the first 24 hours after treatment. There are generally no further instructions or restrictions after receiving a treatment of Allumera Skin Rejuvenation.



Allumera Skin Rejuvenation Revision


Patients who are not satisfied with their immediate Allumera Skin Rejuvenation results are able to repeat treatment as long as four weeks have passed.  A minimum of three treatments is recommended to achieve optimal results although some have experienced significant improvements after only one treatment.



Risks and Side Effects of Allumera Skin Rejuvenation


Very few risks and side effects exist for Allumera Skin Rejuvenation.  Slight swelling, redness, or tenderness around the illuminated areas may occur.  Inform the plastic surgeon of any known allergies to prevent a reaction that could lead to anaphylactic shock.



Cost of Allumera Skin Rejuvenation


The cost of the treatments for Allumera Skin Rejuvenation varies by location, and professional.  The least expensive option is traveling outside of the United States where treatments can be administered by board-certified, English-speaking facial surgeons for around $120.00 per unit.  The required number of units is based on the total physical skin area that needs treatment. Cost for treatments within the United States can cost upwards of $5,000.00 for a package of three treatments.


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