Vaginoplasty Procedures

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By Sarah Leavitt, Medical Research EditorLast modified: March 30, 2011

Vaginoplasty Procedures

Vaginoplasty boosts confidence and improves a woman’s self-esteem in the bedroom. There are a number of different vaginoplasty procedures targeted at specific parts of the vagina. It is crucial to understand what vaginoplasty is before undergoing surgery. Vaginoplasty aims to enhance the vagina by tightening the muscles and supporting tissues. Surgeons remove excess tissue and tighten vaginal muscles. Surrounding soft tissues can also be repaired or tightened under a number of different vaginoplasty procedures.

Vaginoplasty procedures generally take between one and two hours under local or general anesthesia. In the most common vaginoplasty procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in a natural fold or crease so that it is not usually visible. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove excess tissue and join together stretched muscle at the back of the vagina. By tightening the skin and muscle tissue, vaginoplasty reduces the size of the vagina’s diameter.

Other common vaginoplasty procedures include:

Labiaplasty often occurs in conjunction with vaginoplasty. Labiaplasty is a cosmetic procedure aimed to decrease the size of large labia lips.

Clitoroplasty enlarges the clitoris by removing part of the clitoral hood to expose more of the clitoris. This treatment is designed to facilitate and increase a woman’s orgasm. Clitorplasty is often performed in conjunction with labiaplasty.    

Laser Perineum
Laser perineum is a vaginoplasty procedure that repairs an aged or stretched perineum. The perineum is the part of the body between the vagina and the anus. By tightening the muscles in the perineum, this procedure is designed to enhance sexual stimulation for women.

G Spot Magnification
This procedure intensifies sexual stimulation by enlarging the Grafenberg Spot (G Spot).
The G Sport is an area of the vagina that, when stimulated, leads to extreme sexual arousal and orgasm. During this procedure the patient undergoes a painless injection under local anesthesia. The injection enlarges the G Spot. Women can return to sexual activity within a few hours of the procedure.

Hymenoplasty/ Hymen Reconstruction Surgery
Hymenoplasty restores the hymen to its natural state of virginity to cause bleeding during intercourse. This procedure is particularly important in cultures where virginity is a central component to a new marriage. During the procedure, a flap of the vaginal lining recreates a new hymen.

Augmentation Labiaplasty

Augmentation labiaplasty is surgery targets enlarged labia lips (labia minora) in the opposite manner of regular labiaplasty The labia minora is the part of the vagina that covers the vagina opening. Excess skin or fat is removed from parts of the body and placed into the labia to make it appear more youthful.


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