Gender Reassignment Surgery - Male To Female (MTF)

MTF transgender surgery

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MTF Male To Female Gender Reassignment Defined

Before the gender reassignment procedure begins, patients must have intense counseling to ensure they are aware of the implications, physically and psychologically of changing genders. If the counselor and the patient decide gender reassignment surgery is appropriate, patients must complete a course of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The process of HRT in male-female transsexuals will encourage the growth of breast tissue and will reduce the amount of facial and body hair.


MTF Male To Female Gender Reassignment Procedure

Sexual reassignment surgery for male-female patients is often known as MTF transgender surgery. Male-female gender reassignment involves the removal of the male genitalia (penis, testes and scrotum) and the creation of female genitalia (vagina).

The procedure for male-female SRS can be completed in one surgery and may be performed by a cosmetic surgeon or a urologist.

An incision is made into the scrotum and the testes are removed. The skin of the penis is kept attached and is inverted to form the new vagina. A second labiaplasty surgery may be necessary to improve the appearance of the vulva once the vagina has healed.

Pre-operative male-female transgender patients often have breast augmentation before the sex reassignment surgery to allow them to adjust to living and dressing as a woman. Sometimes hormone replacement therapy can stimulate breast growth enough that this surgery is not necessary.

To help patients look like as female as possible, surgeons can perform facial feminization surgery (FFS) on male-female reassignment patients before or after their genital reassignment surgery. FFS creates a more feminine appearance to the face by defining the cheekbones and re contouring areas of the face which appear masculine.

A common additional cosmetic procedure for male-female patients is a trachea shave to reduce the size of the Adams apple.

Male To Female Gender Reassignment Risks

As with all surgeries there are risks to gender reassignment surgery. Patients must take care to avoid infection post-surgery and may be required to have follow up appointments to ensure the constructed vagina does not narrow and cause problems urinating.

MTF Male To Female Gender Reassignment Results

Male-female gender reassignment procedures are less complex than female-male procedures and often it is impossible to tell that a patient has undergone sexual reassignment surgery. Many males who have reassignment surgery look and feel like natural women. Following surgery, the reconstructed genitals allow patients to have sexual intercourse without complications.

The gender reassignment surgery itself does not require a long recovery period. The adjustment to life as a woman may take years, and often patients require ongoing psychological help in order to mentally adjust to the change. The mannerisms and characteristics of  a woman take time to develop.

Overall, most patients whose male-female gender reassignment surgery is successful are pleased with their new body and feel it gives them the freedom to live life in their correct gender.

Cost Of MTF Male To Female Gender Reassignment

Male to female gender reassignment surgery can cost between $7000 and $30,000 depending on the location and the amount of surgeries necessary.

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