Scrotoplasty (Oscheoplasty)

Surgery to restore an impaired or defective scrotum

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Scrotoplasty (Oscheoplasty) Defined

Scrotoplasty is plastic surgery performed on the male scrotum. It may be used to restore an impaired or defective scrotum, and is also regularly implemented in the creation of a scrotum during sexual reassignment surgery. It is employed together with other therapies and surgeries allowing a person who was born a female to become a male.

Scrotoplasty, also known as Oscheoplasty, is attained by hollowing out the labia majora, inserting firm silicone implants, and connecting the two to create a single scrotal sac. However, other techniques are devoted to create a scrotum; using donor tissue from the abdomen or thigh and harvested fat from the pubic rise.

Cosmetic scrotoplasty is developing into an increasingly popular procedure. There are many surgical options available for men disturbed by their scrotal appearance. Concerns include a scrotum assignment downcast below the shaft of the penis engendering a shorter appearance and generating incommodious of sexual activity. Men can either be born this way or it is an effect of circumcision.

Scrotoplasty (Oscheoplasty) Procedure

The scrotoplasty (oscheoplasty) procedure generally has two stages. First Stage- Insertion of a prosthetic testicle implant into each of the labia majora creates a natural appearance in the completed scrotum. Second Stage- The two sides of the labia are united into a solitary unit to create the scrotal sack. These procedures may be accomplished in a single process or as two separate procedures, depending on the predilections of the surgeon. Tissue from the patient’s own body may be used to simulate testicles.

Side Effects And Risks Of Scrotoplasty (Oscheoplasty)

As understood with any surgery there are risks involved with scrotoplasty. The risks for this procedure are moderately small. The main two concerns embrace an antagonistic reaction to the anesthetic or undue bleeding. In the rarest cases, implants may be pressed outward from the body. There is always the possibility that the patient will be dissatisfied with the results.

Cost Of Scrotoplasty (Oscheoplasty)

For detailed cost information of scrotoplasty surgery, please contact a plastic surgeon in our exclusive directory.

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