Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)

Repair and reconstruct the vagina

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Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)

What is Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)?

The virginity of a woman is priceless. Vaginal rejuvenation methods have become increasingly popular as women are diverting their attention to a rejuvenation procedure called revirginization.

Hymenoplasty, or revirginization is a surgical procedure conducted by a plastic surgeon and designed to repair and reconstruct the thin, ring-like tissue partially covering the opening of the vagina, known as the hymen. Bleeding ensues the tearing of the hymen after a woman’s first experience with intercourse. On rare instances this tear is due to physical activity such as bicycling and horseback riding, tampon use or other vigorous sexual activities. The results of a hymenoplasty (revirginization) return a woman to the state of being a like a “virgin”.

A Good Candidate for Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)

Hymenoplasty (revirginization) surgeries are most often implemented for religious, societal or cultural regions. Women may consider hymenoplasty (revirginization) because their first sexual experience was unpleasant, or occurred against their will.

Women also undergo the procedure because they want a "virgin-like" experience with a long-standing partner or to intensify sexual satisfaction as the vaginal walls are tightened.

Those who seek revirginization believe that the procedure is necessary for their social status, happiness, and even preservation of life.

Hymenoplasty (Revirginization) Procedure: 2 types of Hymenoplasty:

Simple Hymenoplasty:  The surgeon surgically collects the remnants of the hymen and tightens the hymeneal ridge using stitches to reform the star-shaped "ring" as it was prior to tearing. The amount of tightening to close the tear largely depends on the amount of tissue available in the vagina.

Alloplant: If your hymen cannot be restored, a tear-through biomaterial will be inserted and unnoticeably represent your hymen.

Risk and Side Effects of Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)

After the surgery, the vaginal area will be swollen and slightly painful. There is minimal risk of infection and loss of sensation. Your surgeon will discuss these risks and side effects with you at the time of consultation.

Recovery from Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)

The surgical procedure for a hymenoplasty (revirginization) is relatively simple. It can be performed under local anesthetic without hospitalization as you can return to most of your daily activities the next day. Your surgeon uses dissolvable stitches in the restoration process, and the risk of infection or fever is minimal. The recovery time is six to eight weeks, throughout which time you cannot engage in sexual activity or exercise rigorously to avoid disrupting the healing process.

Cost of Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)

Cosmetic vaginal surgery is becoming a popular procedure. Hymenoplasty (revirginization) can cost as little as $1,800 to $8,000.


To find out the cost of vaginal rejuvenation procedures with an experienced Hymenoplasty (Revirginization) Surgeon today.

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