G Shot Enhancement

Allows for more intense orgasms for women

By Kai Wade, Director of Communications & Social MediaLast modified: September 16, 2011

G Shot Enhancement

G Shot Enhancement

What is G Shot Enhancement?

G shot enhancement creates fullness and elevates the G spot allowing you to have a more intense and deeper orgasm. G shot enhancement is also referred to as the G spot, G spot enlargement or G spot augmentation. Women become much more aware and physically in tune with their G spot after G shot enhancement. Women who are already adjusted to their G spot and sexual function will notice that it is more sensitive, increasingly fulfilling and orgasms occur with ease, and repeatedly without frustration.

A Good Candidate for G Shot Enhancement

Sexually vigorous women with regular sexual function at comfort with discovering or upholding the eminence of the G spot are exceptional candidates for G shot enhancement.
It is typically not for women who have sexual complications within the female sexual response levels of arousal or orgasm. Women experiencing relationship instability or emotional and/or psychological issues should seek further counsel with a doctor before making a commitment to the G shot enhancement.

G Shot Enhancement Procedure

With your buttocks slightly elevated you are directed into a pap smear position. The doctor will conduct an ephemeral pelvic exam making measurements in relations to your G spot exhausting your assistance to guide him. The measurements are reassigned to a ruler and then dictated on a special speculum.
After an anesthetic is applied the custom created disposable, lighted speculum is employed to deliver a quantified amount of pre-engineered collagen directly into the G Spot. Following the collagen injection the G spot becomes swollen. Anatomic variation may require individualized approaches for each patient. The actual injection usually lasts less than 8 seconds.

Recovery from G Shot Enhancement

No recovery time is needed. You can ensue the rest of your day as usual. Patients typically experience a scarce amount of spotting or bleeding which is easily managed by a tampon. The tampon may be removed within six hours and you may resume sexual activity unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Results may last up to 4 months and will differ among each individual.

Costs of G Shot Enhancement

G Shots cost between $1,200-$2,500 per injection.

Find a Doctor who performs G Shot Enhancements.

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