Clitoroplasty (Hoodectomy)

Cosmetic enhancement and rejuvenation of the female genital area

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Clitoroplasty (Hoodectomy)


One of the latest trends in plastic surgery is the cosmetic enhancement and rejuvenation of the female genital area.

Clitoroplasty surgery eliminates part of the clitoral hood leaving the clitoral glans (tip of the clitoris) permanently exposed. This resolution is designed to aid and amplify a woman’s stimulation and provide a noticeable increase in orgasms. Clitoroplasty or clitoral hood removal is a safe and simple surgical procedure medically referred to as a hoodectomy.  Hoodectomy may be performed in tandem with a labiaplasty, if there is a significant or complete decrease of the inner lips after clitoroplasty.

A Good Candidate for Clitoroplasty

The decision to have this procedure completed is principally an elective one, depending on the desires of the individual. Generally, women in normal physical condition or good health can be a candidate for clitoroplasty surgery. Most women seeking this procedure have a challenging time reaching sexual climax or don’t reach it at all, or those who often demonstrate enlarged labia, which can be suggestive of excess tissue in the clitoral hood.

Clitoroplasty Procedure

The procedure is simple and takes less than an hour to perform. The area is numbed and the clitoral node is pulled away from the clitoral hood (prepuce), allowing ample room to make a tiny incision without cutting into the node. The incision is introduced around the clitoral hood in a curved pattern. The length of the incision can up to one quarter of an inch. The excess prepuce is removed and the area is closed with dissolvable stitches.

Side Effects and Risks of Clitoroplasty

A number of risks and complications are related to clitoroplasty including excessive bleeding, infection, nerve impairment and numbness, scar tissue build up, and skin discoloration. Cosmetic surgery of the vagina is an significant decision, educating yourself on all of the side effects is vital and should be thoroughly discussed with a certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist to the fullest extent.

Recovery from Clitoroplasty

Minimal recovery time is associated with clitoroplasty or clitoral hood reduction.  Most patients can resume light daily activities within the same day and may shower immediately following surgery.  Swelling is mild to moderate reaching its peak stage in two to three days and gradually dispersing over the next several weeks.  Typically there is insignificant bruising if any at all and the stitches will dissolve within their own time. Sexual activities should resume at your surgeon’s guidance.

Cost of Clitoroplasty

The average clitoroplasty can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 depending upon the extent of the procedure and location of the clitoroplasty surgeon.

If you are considering a vaginal rejuvenation procedure see our list of qualified vaginal rejuvenation surgeons.

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