Genital Surgery

Enhancement and Reconstructive Surgeries

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Genital Surgery

Enhancement and Reconstructive Surgeries
Anymore, you can’t pick up a sports or glamor mag without seeing an ad promising to make you the next superstar or model you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Today, genital enhancement surgeries for men and women are reaching new heights. Genital surgery has become a popular option in seeking to restore, enhance and reconstruct the "private" areas of the body allowing for a more pleasurable sexual experience and regain confidence in ones own body.

A gential surgery may be required due to a birth defect, an accident, for those seeking to enhance sexual pleasure, or for those seeking a sex change or gender reassignment.

Men and gender reassignment candidates seek out surgeons for phalloplasty or penis enlargement and now as modern technology progresses more commonly fat injections are being used to increase the girth. Some men are even having testicle implants and scrotum reductions, and the numbers are increasingly evident that men are as much interested in these reconstructive surgeries as women.

Women have become insistently aggressive in their own desire for sexual gratification and cosmetic enhancement. They are allured to plastic surgeons, ob-gyns and hybrid specialist for procedures like clitoral hood removal, tweaking the inner labia with the newest advances in labiaplasty, tightening the vaginal muscles by undertaking vaginoplasty and even restoring the hymen with hymenoplasty (revirginization) procedures.

The hottest vaginal rejuvenation trend sliding into play is the newest procedure, G-spot enhancement designed to plump up the G-spot netting a prominent, more stimulated sensation.

Men and women undergo these genital surgeries to fulfill their inner confidence and at times to impress one another with their enhanced, renewed appeal.

SRS (sexual reassignment surgery) candidates have engage in genital surgeries to feel more comfortable within their true gender roles and satisfied within their own skin. The enhancement is condemned by most for the rather obvious reason that none of us need any more sources of insecurity.The perfectly ordinary self-expectation is that anyone of us likes to look worthy.

Genital surgery beautification can greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of the “private areas” of both men and women. Genital surgery is customarily offered by plastic surgeons, gynecologists and urologists. See our elite directory of specialists to discuss all of your enhancement and reconstructive needs in a discreet and confidential matter.


Hymenoplasty (Revirginization)


Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess tissue and tightens supportive muscle structures around the vagina. Women undergo vaginoplasty for both cosmetic and medical purposes.  Vaginoplasty generally repairs or removes excess vaginal tissue to increase pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Vaginal Tightening (Vaginal Rejuvenation)

Vaginoplasty, generally defined as vaginal rejuvenation is a process of tightening the vagina to correct the problem of overextended vaginal muscles as a consequence of childbirth, or can be employed as a sexual enhancement tool. The procedure naturally tones the muscles in the vaginal region, ensuing superior contraction power and function, in that way sanctioning for greater responsiveness during sexual experiences.

Clitoroplasty (Hoodectomy)

Clitoroplasty surgery eliminates part of the clitoral hood leaving the clitoral glans (tip of the clitoris) permanently exposed. This resolution is designed to aid and amplify a woman’s stimulation and provide a noticeable increase in orgasms.

G Shot Enhancement

G shot enhancement creates fullness and elevates the G spot allowing you to have a more intense and deeper orgasm. G shot enhancement is also referred to as the G spot, G spot enlargement or G spot augmentation. Women become much more aware and physically in tune with their G spot after G shot enhancement. Women who are already adjusted to their G spot and sexual function will notice that it is more sensitive, increasingly fulfilling and orgasms occur with ease, and repeatedly without frustration.

Phalloplasty (Penile Implants, Penis Enlargement)

Penile implants (Phalloplasty) encompasses a wide variety of procedure that cosmetic surgeons or prosthetic surgeons use to enlarge the male sexual organ.

Scrotoplasty (Oscheoplasty)

Scrotoplasty, also known as Oscheoplasty, is attained by hollowing out the labia majora, inserting firm silicone implants, and connecting the two to create a single scrotal sac. However, other techniques are devoted to create a scrotum; using donor tissue from the abdomen or thigh and harvested fat from the pubic rise.

Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS)

Most people feel comfortable with the sex they are born as but sometimes people feel they have been born with a body of the wrong sex. Sex reassignment surgery(SRS) is a medical solution for people suffering from such gender dysphoria, the feeling of having been born in the body of the wrong sex. Commonly referred to as a sex change, gender reassignment surgery can help both male-female transexuals and female-male transexuals feel comfortable in their bodies.

Using surgical and medical methods to alter physical and hormonal characteristics of the patient, surgeons can help transexuals transition from male-female or female-male.

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