MACS Lift (S Lift)

Modification of sagging facial features through a face lift

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MACS Lift (S Lift)

MACS Lift (S Lift)

What is MACS Lift?

Are the undesirable and destructive effects of aging sinking your self-confidence? MACS Lift or S Lift bypasses the trauma, expenditures and down time of an overall face lift. The phrase MACS Lift or Minimal Access Cranial Suspension lift tolerates the modification of sagging facial features through a diminutive, slight incision suspending your facial features from directly above through vertical elevation.

The correction is intended to create uplifted contours and enhanced facial appeal. MACS Lift can be joined with Botox injections or laser skin treatment to heighten the overall results.

A Good Candidate for MACS Lift

Good candidates for MACS-Lifts are men or women with moderately defined bone structure, preserved elasticity with underlying sagging skin in the mid face and neck. A candidate should be physically healthy, psychologically stable and have genuine expectations. A MACS-Lift will give you a younger and fresher appearance but will not entirely change your overall look. Individuals who are overweight are typically not considered for MACS Lift.

MACS Lift Procedure

The MACS-Lift procedure involves executing the first partial stages of a facelift.  An incision is strategically placed along the outline in front of the ear. The incision is designed in the form of an S-shape channeled through the natural crease of the ear. The skin is lifted to gain entrance to the deep tissues. The facial tissues are shifted in a vertical direction and excess skin is detached. The earlobe is supplanted into its original position and the incision is meticulously closed to produce a scar which becomes almost undetectable within time.

Side Effects and Risks of MACS Lift

MACS Lift implicates less deflation of the skin in turn not engaging with your facial nerves. You may endure some bruising, mostly around your eyes which can be treated with a topical cream prescribed by the doctor. You are typically counseled to refrain from social activities for one to two weeks as you are vulnerable to fluid retention and swelling that may undermine your end results in a few months. Manually draining the lymphatic nodes can help with this if it becomes a problem.

To learn more about your options for MAC Lift, contact a plastic surgeon in your location.

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