Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Creating feminine facial features surgically

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Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

What is Facial Feminization Surgery FFS?

The sex of a person typically can first be perceived with a glance at their facial features. Facial feminization surgery, or FFS, is a collection of surgical measures that are designed to alter a masculine appearing face visually creating features that are closer to a feminine appearance. Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) includes various bony and soft tissue procedures. The techniques are derivative from maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery as well as general plastic and cosmetic surgery.

A Good Candidate for Facial Feminization Surgery FFS

Although many women seek out facial feminization surgery (FFS) unhappy with their masculine appearance most commonly these collections of measures are often sought by transgender women undergoing gender reassignment surgery mtf (male to female) to sustenance their new gender role. Most transgender women go through a transition after puberty and mature into male facial structures. Elevated levels of masculine hormones uproot significant changes to the facial appearance.

As with most other forms of surgery, it is suggested that you are in good physical shape, with no significant heart or circulatory complications and extremely emotionally stable. To acquire specific details on what is fully involved for FFS Surgery contact a top plastic surgeon for a consultation.

Facial Feminization Surgery FFS Procedures

Forehead Contouring- Males have a moderately flat slope from the hairline to the brow region creating a long forehead. Forehead contouring pulls the skin upward to bring the brows to a desired feminine position.

Hairline Lowering- A male hairline is often higher with regressed corners above the temples that give it an M shape and recedes further with age. Hairline lowering consists of mobilizing the scalp, reshaping it and bringing forward the hairline contouring to a female appearance.

Rhinoplasty- Males tend to have a large, wider nose. Rhinoplasty enables a smaller appearance of the nose and a lift of the tip. Altering the contour of the nose gives a delicate, feminine appearance to the overall facial imprint.

Cheek Augmentation- Females often have greater forward projection in their cheekbones. Solid implants or bone-filler paste are implicated to help make the chin and jaw look smaller and more striking.

Jaw Contouring- A prominent lower jaw contributes to a square, masculine look and can be measured as unattractive for females and transsexuals. Trimming the bone at the flaring mandibular angles gives a more feminine tapering appearance. The chewing muscles can also be reduced to make the jaw appear narrower.

Adam's Apple Reduction (Trachea Shave) -A bulbous trachea or Adams apple can be awkward for a woman. A trachea shave reduces the cartilage in the throat changing it from the mannish 90 degree angle to a womanly 120 degree angle eliminating the bulging masculine presence.

Face Lift- Eliminates sagging skin and tighten the muscles beneath the skin of the neck restoring a youthful, feminine appeal.

Brow Lift- The space between the eyes and scalp tends to be shorter in females. A Man’s brow is marginally lower and the hairline is higher giving a longer forehead. Higher eyebrows offer a feminine look and can restore a more youthful, refreshed look to the area above the eyes.

Lip Lift- The distance between mouth opening and the nose base inclines to be longer in males than in females. Full lips are often associated with feminineness. A lip lift is executed by eradicating a segment of skin right under the nose shortening the upper lip.

Facial Feminization Surgery FFS Results

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) produces very dramatic results that are permanent and irreversible. Any individual bearing in mind these combinations of procedures should be convinced that they want to permanently reveal feminine facial features. With a significantly improved feminine appearance, you will find enriched self-confidence.

Risk and Side Effects of Facial Feminization Surgery FFS

It's vital to retain that facial feminization surgery (FFS) is elective and permanent. Facial feminization surgery (FFS), like any form of surgery, has its risks from severe to physiological. Risks can include blood loss, infection, speech changes to weakness and fatigue, scarring, and depression. A highly qualified FFS surgeon will rarely have complications and will honestly discuss the prospect of risks in the course of your consultation.

Recovery from Facial Feminization Surgery FFS

This surgery is generally accomplished thru in-patient care, and will involve hospital recovery time. There will be various degrees of pain for a few days, which will involve pain medications. While infections are enormously rare, antibiotics are employed to avoid this. Swelling and bruising may occur generally fading within 10 to 14 days following the surgery.

Cost of Facial Feminization Surgery FFS

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) costs can be overwhelming but the overall benefits of acquiring the desired features you have always wanted are unparalleled. Depending on the location, type and number of procedures performed FFS can cost anywhere from $5,000 exceeding $60,000.

To find out the cost of facial feminization surgery in a location near you with a highly qualified plastic surgeon you can depend on, search within our directory. Facial Feminization Surgeons FFS

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