Jaw Enlargement (Jaw Contouring)

Augment the shape, breadth, and appearance of the jawline

Last modified: September 20, 2011

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Jaw Enlargement (Jaw Contouring)

Jaw Enlargement and Jaw Contouring with Facial Implants

Jaw bone implants are used to augment the shape, breadth, and appearance of the jawline in order to create definition or balance out the face.

Many patients choose to receive jaw bone implants to increase a more dramatic separation between their jawline and their neck. This cosmetic surgery procedure is used only to enhance the patients beauty. Patients who choose to receive jaw bone implants often do so in order to boost their self-confidence, or because they feel that their jawline is too small.  

Jaw Bone implants are used to redesign the jawline to give more balance and definition to the face.

What are Jaw Bone Implants?

Jaw Bone implants require collaboration with a top plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon.  The facial surgeon will assist the patient in determining how they would like their jawline to look, and have a custom implant created to achieve that goal. Jaw bone implants allow the patient to create a completely new look as adding a jaw bone implant to the face can render the client almost unrecognizable at first glance.

A Good Candidate for Jaw Bone Implants

A good candidate for jaw bone implants is any patient who desires to strengthen the definition between their face and neck, or balance out the features of their face. Plastic surgeons will consider the patients overall health, age, bone structure development and their risk of infection. Most patients are able to receive jaw bone implants without any complications as long as they are open and detail all past procedures and medical conditions with their cosmetic surgeon.

 Jaw Bone Implant Procedures

Jaw bone implant surgery is an outpatient procedure which allows the patient to spend the majority of their recovery time at home. Once the physical has been performed and the client is determined to be in optimal enough health to receive the surgery that day, an anesthesiologist will administer general or local anesthesia.  The cosmetic surgeon will then make an incision on the inside of the mouth directly above the jawline or directly underneath the jawline. Incisions inside of the mouth are preferred as there is no chance of visible scarring. Plastic surgeons then create a pocket under the tissue that holds the current jaw and add the additional implant piece.  The jaw bone implant will be held in place by bolts and external sutures. Patients must remain under the direct care and supervision of a post-surgical specialist until it is determined that they are safe to leave the surgical center.

Recovery from Jaw Bone Implants

Recovery from jaw bone implants takes a few weeks.  Significant swelling may be present after the jaw bone implant surgery and therefore the patient will not be able to see measurable and accurate results until after the swelling has abated. Patients may desire to stick with a liquid diet until the tenderness and swelling has diminished. Patients who receive stitches outside of their mouth must return to the cosmetic surgeon's office to have the stitches removed. The cosmetic surgeon will want to see the patient frequently to make sure that the implant is settling into place, there are no infections, and that the patient is not experiencing any unexpected symptoms.

Risks and Side Effects of Jaw Bone Implants

Risks and side effects of jaw bone implant surgery are minimal.  As with all facial surgeries, there is a slight risk of infection which can be offset by taking prescription strength antibiotics as prescribed by a general physician or plastic surgeon. Tenderness and swelling are to be expected but will completely dissipate within a few weeks of surgery.

Cost of Jaw Bone Implants

The cost of jaw bone implants ranges from $3,000-$6,000 depending on the cost of the implant, the surgeon, the medical center charges, medications, and any follow-up care. Contact Jaw Bone surgeon to learn more about how jaw bone implants can balance out your face and create a more beautiful vision every time you see your reflection.


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