Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

A blepharoplasty is a technical term for surgery of the eyelids.

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Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Make up can only go so far to hide drooping eyelids. Droopy eyelids are a common symptom of age, as well as medical inhibitions, that drive people to surgically correct the problem. 

A blepharoplasty is a technical term for surgery of the eyelids.

We often think of an eyelift or eyelid surgery as a treatment that rejuvenates the eyes and decreased the tired appearance that comes with age or perhaps in our earlier years by genetics. But an eyelift (or blepharoplasty for the technical types) does much more than change the appearance of your eyes.

Particularly, treating upper eyelid sagging and lower eyelid fat can improve vision and your quality of life. For some patients, removing the skin on the upper eyelid can do wonders for the aging face as a whole. Typically, when you first meet someone, you notice their eyes whether they are large, small, tired or rejuvenated. This quickly will reflect your age and lifestyle.

With this being said, blepharoplasty can easily be considered a medical and a cosmetic issue.

Several factors such as aging, sun damage, smoking, stretching and obesity can cause the eyelids to droop and sag as the supporting tissues deteriorate. This area is often one of the first to deteriorate, as the skin of the eyelid is thinner than the rest of the face. This procedure can be performed on men and women and offers a younger, more refreshed look that reflects across the whole face.

Blepharoplasty is now the most popular facial plastic surgery procedure after rhinoplasty. The popularity of this procedure reflects the importance of the eyes in perfecting overall appearance. In fact, two-thirds of adults consider the eyes to be the defining feature of the face.


What Is An Eyelid Lift (blepharoplasty)?

An eyelid lift is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the overall appearance of your face by surgically removing excess fat, tissue, or loose muscles around your eyelid.

A Good Candidate for Eyelid Lift (blepharoplasty)

A good candidate for an eyelid lift is a man or a woman with visible signs of age or stress around the eyes. While eyelid lifts correct for drooping eyelids, good candidates need to have realistic expectations about their surgery.

Preparing for Eyelid Lift Surgery (blepharoplasty)

Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions on preparing for your eyelid surgery. Be prepared to make changes to your daily habits in the weeks leading up to your surgery.

Eyelid Lift Surgery (blepharoplasty)

Eyelid surgery, otherwise known as blepharoplasty, is cosmetic surgery on one's eyelids to enhance the facial features around the eyes. Surgery may be performed on any or all of a patient's four eyelids. During surgery, incisions are made in in the eyelid's natural folds or creases. The surgeon then removes any excess tissue, fat deposits or muscle from the are. Following surgery, patients feel tenderness and soreness around the eyes, but within a few weeks of recovery, patients can enjoy the aesthetic results.

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty is a type of eyelid surgery that removes puffy bags from under your eyes. This type of procedure is only suitable for those needing fat tissue removed from their bottom eyelids; a popular procedure nonetheless.

Drooping Eyelids

Drooping eyelids, also called ptsos, are a common (and unwanted) symptom of facial aging. Drooping eyelids result from weakening muscles in the eyelids. While most people experience drooping eyelids as a result of age, some people suffer from drooping eyelids due to genetics. Consequently, an eyelid lift can be the solution for many people wanting to enhance their appearance. 

Eyelid Lift Recovery

Most people can return to their daily activities within a week of eyelid surgery, though some people experience more pain and bruising than others. You will have to follow specific guidelines on cleaning your eyes and taking eye drops as you recover from your surgery.

Risks and Side Effects of Eyelid Lift Surgery

There are a number of risks and side effects associated with eyelid surgery that should be discuss with your doctor in advance.

Cost of Eyelid Lift Surgery (blepharoplasty)

A number of factors influence the cost of eyelid surgery, the most being the individual surgeon’s fee. The cost also depends significantly on the type of procedure needed. As a result, the cost of eyelid surgery varies across the United States generally consisting of a couple thousand dollars.

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