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By Brandie Umar, Executive Director of ContentLast modified: June 15, 2011


Macrolane is commonly known as the '30 minute boob job.' An alternative to breast augmentation or body implants, macrolane is a method of enhancing areas of the body without surgery. 


What is Macrolane?

Cosmetic surgeons use an injectable filler of hyaluronic acid to enhance curves on the body. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally produced in the body. As it is a natural substance the body does not react against the solution and there is no risk of rejection as with body implants to enhance curves. 


How does Macrolane work?

Cosmetic surgeons inject the solution of hyaluronic acid into the area of the body the patient wishes to enlarge. After the filler is injected, surgeons mold the solution to shape it. Two-three weeks post-procedure the filler softens as it mixes with the water in the body and feels like natural tissue. 


What is Macrolane used for?

Commonly known as a high speed breast enlargement, macrolane is most commonly used to enlarge the size of breasts, however it is also used to enhance curves on other areas such as the buttocks or pectoral muscles in men, without having to use pectoral implants


Is Macrolane effective?

Macrolane is an effective non-surgical solution to enhancing curves. The popularity of macrolane is increasing as more patients see noticeable changes to their figure and view the procedure as an alternative to invasive surgery. After Macrolane treatment there is no scarring and the recovery time is minimal. Macrolane is a suitable procedure for both men and women.


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