Inverted Nipple Repair

Correction of the nipple area

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Inverted Nipple Repair

Inverted Nipple Repair

What is Inverted Nipple Repair?

Many women endure having inverted nipples which can be distressing. Lying flat amongst the breast or actually drawing in from the breast surface, they can be an overwhelming basis of insecurity and breastfeeding problems. An inverted nipple is due to a short milk duct structure proceeding from the chest wall to the nipple. Developed by various techniques in plastic surgery women with inverted nipples no longer have to endure this situation. Inverted nipple repair can restore the nipple to a gorgeous and natural, prominent appearance.

A Good Candidate for Inverted Nipple Repair

In general, the best candidates are in good physical health and psychologically stable to endure this surgery. You should not be pregnant or nursing and should be realistic in your expectations.

Inverted Nipple Repair Procedure

The goal of inverted nipple repair is to reshape the nipple area so that the nipple projects out from the breast improving the appearance of the breast while maintaining sensitivity of the nipple. This technique also leaves the milk ducts intact and can also help preserve a woman’s ability to breastfeed. An incision is placed near the base of the nipple. The nipple and areola tissue is elevated up from the breast and sutured into a new figure. Scar contracture will actually increase rather than decrease projection of the nipple. A medicated strip of dressing is applied to the area.

Another technique used today for inverted nipple repair is with detached milk ducts, more commonly used for difficult circumstances. A local anesthetic will be used. An incision is made at the nipple base for the compressed milk ducts to be disconnected, allowing a natural observance projection of the nipple. The incision is sutured and medicated dressing strip is applied to the area.

Side Effects and Risk of Inverted Nipple Repair

Any surgery warrants some risk and the possibility of complications which can include infection, disappointing results, extreme bleeding and the possibilities for a second procedure. It is not guaranteed that the results will give you the ability to breastfeed.

Recovery from Inverted Nipple Repair

It is vital to start the recovery process motivated.  Any stitches will generally be removed one to two weeks later.  Avoid sexual activity for a one to two weeks, and heavy physical endurance for three weeks. In general, it will take close to a month before you’re back into a routine of your normal activities. As sunlight can permanently affect the skin’s pigmentation sun exposure should be avoided.

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