Tricep Implants

Add definition to your arms

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Tricep Implants

Tricep Implants

What are Tricep Implants?

Increasingly, pectoral augmentation in men is pumping high over the past several years. Men are now turning to a procedure to increase the definition and mass of the superior arm muscles. Pioneered techniques for tricep amplification allow a more balanced appearance. The biceps and tricep muscles can be principally challenging for some people to strengthen and improve without enough muscle mass being created rep after rep. Tricep implants are a perfect way to add definition you’ve always anticipated without the physically endurance and weightlifting.

A Good Candidate for Tricep Implants

Men and women may be good candidates for tricep implants. Men elect for this method of plastic surgery because individual workouts and extensive training are not attaining the desired personal effects on their tricep muscles. Women may choose the practice to attain more sculpted arm muscles. Certain medications, vitamins, or supplements can interfere with the implant surgery so it is vital that you discuss these possible hang-ups with your doctor.

Tricep Implants Procedure

An incision on the upper arm is meticulously prepared. Identical lax, but solid silicone implants are placed in the created pocket and the implants are secured under the existing tricep muscle. A medicated bandage is placed at the site for healing purposes.

Side Effects and Risks of Tricep Implants

Every cosmetic surgery procedure enlists a certain amount of risk. Your surgeon will discourse the risks involved and will answer any questions you may have about those risks. Tricep implant surgery risks may include implant fluctuation, a numbing sensation, bleeding, or minor nerve damage.

Costs of Tricep Implants

Depending on your physical location, your choice of surgeon and implant type, the average cost of tricep implants is between $4,000 and $10,000.

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