Sclerotherapy (Spider, Varicose, Thread Vein Removal)

Eradicates unwanted veins

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Sclerotherapy (Spider, Varicose, Thread Vein Removal)

Sclerotherapy (Spider, Varicose, Thread Vein Removal)

What is Sclerotherapy (Spider, Varicose, Thread Vein Removal)?

Do you feel insecure about the bulging veins accompanying your legs? Unduly, you are not alone. Having unsightly veins on your legs can make you self-conscious. Sclerotherapy is a medicinal procedure used to eradicate spider, varicose, and thread veins.

Spider veins

Also known as telangiectasias, present tiny veins that persistently appear enlarged. Due to weak vascular walls and incompetent circulation, these veins do not lead to health problems but many individuals sense they are unattractive. Spider veins typically resemble the image of a spider by way of large dark spots with legs of veins radiating out of them. Characteristically established in the legs, spider veins are shades of blue, purple, or possibly red.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are also enlarged veins that can be blue, red, or flesh colored. They often leave an expression of cords twisted and bulged in a knot. Naturally, varicose veins are inflamed and outstretched above the skins surface. The veins are located on the thighs, rear of the calves, or the legs inside walls. Throughout pregnancy, varicose veins can develop near the vagina and buttocks.

Thread Veins

Or smaller versions of spider veins are situated in the skin itself. These bluish red lines in the skin do not source symptoms and similarly to spider veins are frequently found to be distasteful in appearance.

A Good Candidate for Sclerotherapy (Spider, Varicose, Thread Vein Removal)

Generally, ideal patients of sclerotherapy are in decent overall health, non-smokers, and have realistic anticipations for the outcome of vein removal. Pregnancy, prior history of blood clotting and certain circulatory complications are generally elements of patients who may not qualify for sclerotherapy.

Preparing For Sclerotherapy (Spider, Varicose, Thread Vein Removal)

In preparing for sclerotherapy treatment, patients should avoid medications such as Tetracycline, Minocin, or Prednisone in which skin staining may result. Your doctor will be able to provide greater guidance for any additional antibiotic medications you should stop taking.

Patients should generally avoid aspirin and any anti-inflammatory medications before and after the sclerotherapy procedure. Anti-inflammatory use interferes with the operative actions of the sclerosing solution. If pain is encountered patients may use Tylenol as an anti-inflammatory alternative.

Sclerotherapy (Spider, Varicose, Thread Vein Removal) Procedure

The procedure entails an injection of a solution directly into the veins through a trivial needle. Mild discomfort may accompany the procedure, but progressive pain is rare. An advanced technique known as image guided sclerotherapy uses ultrasonic waves to assist the doctor in managing the solution accurately.

Following the injection, veins will gradually shrink, and disappear completely over the next couple of months. If the results are not pleasing, further treatments may be required.

Side Effects and Risks of Sclerotherapy (Spider, Varicose, Thread Vein Removal)

Sclerotherapy side effects normally encompass such things as mild bruising, sweltering sensations, and lumps in the pretentious areas. Most of these side effects will fade during the healing stages. Patients should implement care in the post removal period by avoiding activities involving steam or extremely hot water for several days succeeding vein removal.

Serious complications following sclerotherapy are rare, however still exist. Allergic reaction, ulceration of the processed area, and the prospects of deep vein thrombosis may ensue vein removal. Allergic reactions are associated with the injected solution.

Ulcerations typically restore themselves only leaving a small scar that can later be surgically removed.  Deep vein thrombosis transmits when small veins are treated and generally factors for individuals who have poor exercise behaviors, recurrent air travel, or predisposed blood clotting patients.

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