Bra-Line Back Lift

Remove Back Rolls

By Sarah Leavitt, Medical Research EditorLast modified: March 04, 2011

Bra-Line Back Lift

Rolls of fat on the back can be difficult to loose through exercise and diet alone. Harder still is toning loose skin on the back. Many people find this baggy, bulging skin damaging to confidence and turn to plastic surgery for help. Bra-line back lifts are an increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure that removes this excess skin and contours the back. 


Sculpt and Tone

Bra-line back lifts are an ideal solution for women as the scar is hidden beneath the bra line allowing the newly toned and sculpted figure to be displayed in a bikini with no visible scar. Over 17,000 bra-line back lift surgeries are performed in the USA annually. Male and females are candidates for this type of reshaping plastic surgery procedure. Bra-lift surgery contours the mıddle and lower back, removes excess skin and the results are visible immediately.


How is bra-line back lift surgery performed? 

Bra-line back lift surgery is designed to leave a minimal scar that can be hidden under the bra. Surgeons first mark the area a woman's bra sits on her back to ensure that the scar line is in the correct position. Surgeons anesthetize the patient before making a small incision along the pre-marked line. Excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is 'pulled up' to create a taut contour to the back. The skin is stitched into place along the pre-defined line. 


Results of bra-line back lift surgery

The majority of patients who undergo a bra-line back lift are delighted with the results. Plastic surgeons are able to remove up to 9 inches of excess skin from the back, removing bulges beneath the bra and re-contouring the figure. 


Recovery after the procedure is fast. For the first 10 days after surgery patients are advised not to stretch the skin across the back or to lift heavy objects. After the initial recovery period patients are able to return to normal activities and the healing of the scar will be complete within a month of surgery. As the scar is hidden beneath the bra line and little swelling occurs, the results of bra-line back lift surgery are visible immediately.    


Lower back lift surgery does not remove fat; patients who want to remove excess fat from the back area should consult a plastic surgeon for an alternative procedure such as liposuction.


Cost of bra-line back lift surgery

The cost of bra-line back lift surgery can range between $7,000USD - $12,000USD. It is unlikely that health insurance policies will cover the cost of lower back lift surgery as it is considered an elective procedure. Patients may find the cost of a lower back lift more affordable in a different location and patients frequently travel abroad to reduce the cost of bra-line back lift surgery procedures.  






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