Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic and plastic surgery to enhance your appearance

By Kai Wade, Director of Communications & Social MediaLast modified: January 09, 2012

Plastic Surgery

The word plastic originates from the Greek plastikos, signifying the ability to be shaped or molded.  If you could re-shape or mold anything about your appearance from head to toe what would it be?

Trends in cosmetic and plastic surgery are gaining ground and becoming more popular than ever. This multi-billion dollar industry featuring all types of surgeries has undergone considerable technological advancement.

Men are unambiguously feeling pressure from the intense poignancy of society's value on beauty, roughly what women have endured for years. Men and women today clutch the fact that when they look good, their overall aura is revitalizing. Poise within ourselves enriches our interaction with others, and can assist us in becoming more successful in our private and professional lives.

Women are channeling their obsessions of cosmetic and plastic surgery through face surgery and breast surgery.  Many women choose to undergo several plastic surgery procedures simultaneously. Mommy-makeovers are progressively becoming more popular combining breast augmentation or a breast lift with liposuction or abdominoplasty. The most shared goals among women are types of skin treatments including non-invasive Botox injections, skin filler injections, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.

Cosmetic surgery has become a rising movement among the male population. Most commonly, body surgery with liposuction and male breast reduction for cases of gynecomastia. Hair transplants and genital surgery have also seen an increase.

We all have personal motivations concerning the human image, and prioritize looks and appearance differently; the desire to look good is not only built within our charisma, but has become a coast-to-coast obsession. To some extent, individuals of all diversities attribute much of their success and self-worth on their appearance and to a certain degree it is true.
To alter your look, bounce back from illness, or rewind the clock, see if plastic surgery can give you the body you dream of. Find a plastic surgeon in your area and begin the path to a new, more youthful appearance.

Face Surgery

Everyone should feel confident about his or her face. A number of procedures can correct for blemishes to leave your skin smooth and revitalized. 

Breast Surgery

A number of different breast surgeries are available to patients as both plastic and cosmetic procedures. Breast augmentation is the most common breast surgery today. Using breast implants, surgeon's increase the size of breasts to improve the patient's overall physical appearance. Breast implants are filled with either saline or silicone fluid and can come in several different shapes and sizes. Breast lift is another breast surgery that enhances a woman's physique by physically raising the breasts on her chest. Breast reduction is another option for women wanting to reduce the size of their breasts for either personal or medical reasons. 


Your skin is often the first place on the human body that reflects ones age, stress, and damage due to sun exposure, the elements, and birth defects.  Treating these delicate issues is as easy as finding a plastic surgeon or dermatologist in your area. Take care of the skin you are in!

Body Surgery

Everyone should be great inside their bodies. Today, a number of solutions exist to correct for physical dissatisfaction with one's body. Whether you want to remove stubborn fat with liposuction or enhance ones back side, there are a number of options available to patients to make them feel confident with their own body.

Genital Surgery

Genital Surgery has become a popular option for both men and women seeking to restore, enhance and reconstruct the "private" areas of the body.

Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon

Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon. Be prepared and empower yourself with knowledge.

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