Tendons And Ligaments

Connects our muscles to our bones

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Tendons And Ligaments

The bones in the human body are sealed together by elastic bands known as ligaments. The bones freely move about as the muscles that surround them expend and contract. What connects our muscles to our bones? Tendons.

A tendon is a hard yet stretchy band of rubbery tissue. There are 4,000 tendons that connect your muscles to your bones. The construction that transmits the force of the muscle contraction to the bone is called a tendon.
Sometimes the tendons become irritated for a variety of reasons, and the force of contraction converts to inflammation. The normal smooth gliding motion of your tendon becomes impaired, channeling pain throughout your body. Defining inflammation of the tendon is tendonitis. Certain tendons in our body are susceptible to to tendonitis including: Achilles tendon, rotator cuff, pitcher's elbow and tennis elbow.

Treating tendonitis at home is as simple as remembering one word - PRICE: Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

The most common tendon rupture occurs in the Achilles tendon. Achilles tendon rupture is repaired by surgery, non-surgical casting, or physical therapy. Rotator cuff tendon tears are a common cause of shoulder pain and affect millions of people each year. Tendon tears are often mistakenly associated with sports injuries, however the bulk of rotator cuff tendon tears transpire gradually with age.

Maintaining strength and flexibility with exercise will reduce the risks of injuring a tendon.

Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion cysts are believed to be the result of an over accumulation of synovial fluid surrounding the joints and tendon.


There are many signs and symptoms of development of tendonitis. Pain and discomfort at or near the affected tendon is usually the first sign of a problem. Inflammation and redness to the area, and a change in range of motion may also be present.

Tendon Repair

The surgical procedure performed to mend, repair, and restore damaged and impaired tendons and tissues. Tender repair surgery is performed by an orthopedic surgeon.  

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