Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery

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Last modified: December 21, 2011

Beatrice Woods
Licensed Practical Nurse

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery

Shoulder arthroscopies are performed every day allowing physician’s greater assessment of painful shoulder joint. Pain in the shoulder can have an adverse effect on how we perform our day to day activities.  We use the ball and socket joint of the shoulder more than any joint in the human body.

Because we frequently use the shoulder joint it is prone to injury and overuse causing pain. Typically resting the area and other home therapies can resolve mild shoulder pain. Relentless shoulder pain after home treatment often require shoulder arthroscopy surgery.

What Is Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery?

A surgical procedure performed by an orthopedic surgeon using lighted instruments and tiny incisions allowing the surgeon better greater assessment and diagnosis.  During the arthroscopy the orthopedic surgeon is able to mend and correct damaged tissue.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery Procedure

To make the patient comfortable and alleviate pain the patient is given regional anesthesia before the operation begins. Inside a sterile field the affected area is cleaned, the orthopedic surgeon makes small incision into the shoulder joint, tiny lighted tools with attached camera are introduced into the incision.

The interior of the shoulder can be viewed on a monitor inside the operating room. Sterile saline is introduced into the shoulder joint for adequate viewing through the specialized instruments. Depending on the findings the surgeon proceeds to perform the necessary procedures, and or repairs. 

Once completed the incisions are sewn closed and a dressing and sling are applied.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery Recovery

After the shoulder arthroscopy is performed the patient is usually discharged home once fully recovered. The time frame for full recovery will not be the same for all patients.  Proper adherence to home instructions regarding suture care, pain control and shoulder mobility is important for optimal rehabilitation. 

Cost Of Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery

The price range for shoulder arthroscopy has a wide range due to the variety of treatments that can be performed. The use of insurance and any complications also affects the cost of shoulder arthroscopy.

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