Rotator Cuff Surgery

Making the shoulder mobile again

Last modified: December 21, 2011

Beatrice Woods
Licensed Practical Nurse

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Day to day, physicians see patients with ailments and injuries to the shoulder. Pain in the shoulder limits our mobility affecting how we perform daily activities. Usually shoulder pain is the result of an injury or tear in the interlocking tendons in the shoulder that protects the crown of the humerus.  This web of tendons and muscles of the shoulder is known as the rotator cuff.  


What Is Rotator Cuff Surgery?

A surgical procedure performed to correct any deviation in the web of muscles and tendons protecting the long bone in the upper extremity. Rotator cuff surgery falls under the division of orthopedics.

Rotator Cuff Surgery Procedure

Before the surgery begins the patient is administered a general anesthesia for pain and comfort. Once the patient is asleep the surgical site is properly positioned and cleaned. The orthopedic surgeon makes incisions into the involved shoulder and deltoid muscle unveiling the affected tendon to be mended.

The surgeon restores the damaged tendon and takes away any free disconnected pieces of tendon and bursa. Then the surgeon drills holes in the top of the bone of the upper arm and proceeds to sew the restored tendon to the top of long bone in the upper arm. The mobility of the shoulder joint is tested by the surgeon. Once the surgeon is content the incisions are sewn shut and a dressing and arm sling are applied to the upper arm.  

Recovery From Rotator Cuff Surgery

The recovery period after rotator cuff surgery will be different for every patient. Working with physical therapy and adhering to activity limitations is crucial. It is essential not to move to fast to avoid injury.

Rotator Cuff Surgery Cost

The cost of rotator cuff surgery will not be the same for every patient. The type of procedure, where the surgery takes place and any complications incurred all affect the cost of surgery.

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