Hip Osteotomy Surgery

Remolding of the hip joint

Last modified: December 21, 2011

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Hip Osteotomy Surgery

From the moment we learn to walk we rely on the hip joint to aid in our mobility. The hip joint is a weight bearing joint crucial towards our support and stability. The ball of the femur bone sits into the socket of the hip bone making the hip joint one of the widely used ball and socket joints in the human body.

Causes Of Hip Osteotomy

Pain in the hip area is a common occurrence. There are many causes of hip pain. The most common causes of hip pain are fractures, injury to the hip and arthritis of the hip. For some hip pain and discomfort is endurable with use of medication and home remedies. Many people suffer pain related to a deviation of the hip.

The deformities are known as varus deformity an inward deviation of the hip and valgus deformity an outward deviation of the hip. Unrelenting hip pain and disability may require a hip osteotomy.What is hip osteotomy surgery? A surgical procedure performed by an orthopedic surgeon involving the slicing, excision and remolding of the hip joint.

How Is Hip Osteotomy Diagnosed?

The physician determines a diagnosis after assessing the location and severity of the pain during an examination, reviewing your medical history, and x-rays of the affected area.

Hip Osteotomy Surgery

Before the surgery the patient is given general anesthesia for pain and comfort. Under a sterile environment the surgical site is cleaned. The orthopedic surgeon makes an incision uncovering the affected hip joint. The surgeon proceeds to slice away, and excise any damaged bone and tissue of the hip joint. 

Replacing damaged bone and tissues with well cartilage, the surgeon then remolds the hip joint forming a better link between hip femur and socket. The surgeon may use a pin or plate to secure the new bone in place. Once the surgeon is content the incision is stitched closed, a bandage or a cast to the hip area is applied depending on the procedure performed.

Recovery From Hip Osteotomy Surgery

Recovery from hip osteotomy will depend on many factors including the overall health of the patient, the procedure performed and the development of any complications.

Hip Osteotomy Surgery Cost

The cost of hip osteotomy surgery will not be the same for every patient. The type of surgery, location of the procedure and insurance will all affect the price.

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