Webbed Finger Correction Surgery

Surgical reconstruction of joined fingers

Last modified: October 04, 2011

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Webbed Finger Correction Surgery

The hands are very significant parts of the human body. We use the hands to perform our activities of daily living. Almost every task we do the hands have some involvement in the process.

The fingers of hand are critical too. We use the fingers of the hand to hold and grasp things. Deformities and disorders of the digits of the hands sometimes occur. Some babies are born with several fingers joined together. This hand condition is called syndactyly or webbed fingers.

There are different degrees of webbed fingers. Complete syndactyly occurs when the fingers are totally connected. With incomplete syndactyly only a portion of the digit is joined. If skin only is linked it is called simple syndactyly. The degree of the webbing and the severity will help determine the treatment for webbed fingers. Early evaluation by a physician is needed for adequate evaluation and treatment options. Surgery is the usual course of action to resolve webbed fingers. If surgery is to be done the earlier performed the better the outcome for the child. The surgery to correct syndactyly is called webbed finger correction.

Webbed Finger Correction Defined

Webbed finger correction is to a surgical procedure performed by an orthopedic surgeon to separate and reestablish joined fingers.

Webbed Finger Diagnosis

Diagnosis of webbed finger is made by a physician. The physician will perform a physical examination this will include evaluation of the patient’s medical and family history. X-rays may be used to aid in the diagnosis process. The physician will suggest treatment after his evaluation is completed.

Webbed Finger Correction Surgical Risks

With every surgical procedure there is always the possibility of complications. Typically the surgeon discusses possible complications related to the hand surgery prior to performing the procedure. Common surgery risks include, excessive blood loss during surgery, after surgery infections and inadequate healing at surgical site.

Webbed Finger Correction Surgery

Prior to starting the surgery the patient is given general anesthesia for relaxation and pain control. The surgical site is positioned and disinfected. Once the anesthesia has taken affect the surgeon makes incisions in the webbed skin. The excess skin on the sides of the separated fingers is sewn in place. Any exposed skin areas maybe covered with skin transported from the groin area at this time. After examining the separated digits the hand is wrapped in a gauze dressing or placed in a cast. The surgery will typically last 2-4 hours.

Webbed Finger Correction Recovery

Recovery for every patient will be different. The usual time in the hospital for webbed finger surgery is 2-3 days. Elevation of the affected area is encouraged to decrease swelling and pain control. Adherence to discharge instruction regarding bandage or cast care and follow up care is critical after surgery.

Cost Of Webbed Finger Correction Surgery

Narrowing down the exact price for webbed finger correction is not an easy task. Various components will affect the price for hand surgery including, the surgeon used for the surgery, style and surgical technique used, and development of complications.

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