Hand Surgery

Restoring hand use and flexibility

Last modified: December 21, 2011

Beatrice Woods
Licensed Practical Nurse

Hand Surgery

Just about every task we do involves the use of our hands. We use our hands in a vast variety of ways from lifting our forks to eat, to helping with activities of daily living like getting dressed, to aiding in the communication process for the hearing impaired through sign language. Our hands play a major role in how we function.The hand is comprised of 27 long and short bones, muscles and tendons making its structure very unique and complex.

What Is Hand Surgery?

A surgical procedure to repair, improve or strengthen areas of the body beginning with the fingers extending up to the shoulder area.

Candidates For Hand Surgery

Any disorder, pain or injury to the hand area can frustrate the way we function. Chronic impairment, pain, injury or disease affecting the fingers to shoulder area is referred to an orthopedic specialist called a hand surgeon.

Hand surgeons undergo years of specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the hand and upper extremity.

Common Hand Ailments

Injury and disorders of the hand and upper extremity occur every day. The most common ailments include fractures, swelling causing pain over the nerve in the hand known as carpal tunnel syndrome and different types of arthritic conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, a severe debilitating condition that can deform the hands.

Hand Surgery Procedure

Prior to the hand surgery the patient is given anesthesia for comfort. The type of anesthesia will vary depending on the procedure performed and location of the problem. Using sterile technique the surgeon makes incisions exposing the affected areas allowing for the repair or removal of diseased portions of hand and connected areas. Once the procedure is completed the surgeon uses sutures to finish the process. A bandage maybe used to cover the area.

Hand Surgery Risks

There are always risks involved in any type of surgical procedure. Risks and complications should be discussed in detail with the surgeon prior to the procedure. The most common surgical risks include excessive bleeding requiring a blood transfusion, slow healing of surgical site and the development of an infection.

Recovery From Hand Surgery

It is imperative that you follow all instructions after hand surgery. Elevation of the surgical area is crucial to cut down the pain and swelling of the surgical site. Total rehabilitation and length of hospital stay following hand surgery will vary depending on the location of the surgical procedure and the development of any complications.

Cost Of Hand Surgery

The price of hand surgery can be affected by the location of the procedure, the surgical site and the surgeon performing the procedure.  The cost of hand surgery can be difficult to narrow down because hand surgery covers such a wide array of areas.

Webbed Finger Correction Surgery

Some people are born with several fingers joined together. This hand condition is called syndactyly or webbed fingers.

Trigger Finger Correction

The surgical procedure performed by an orthopedic surgeon to unloosen locked tendons of the finger.

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