Spine Surgery

Surgical resolve for dysfunctions of the back, spinal column, nerves and discs.

Last modified: December 21, 2011

Beatrice Woods
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Spine Surgery

The spine is composed of a collection of joined bones that provide the body with structure and mobility. The makeup and utilization of the spine makes it one of the most unique and complex parts of the body.

The backbone (spine) has numerous obligations. The main role of the spine is to shelter the spinal cord from damage and injury. The spinal cord is an accumulation of millions of nerve that work up and down the spinal column and the back continuously sending messages to the brain. The body’s quick response to danger is allowable because of the spinal cord. The spine and the brain makeup the central nervous system.  The body cannot function properly if there is a disconnection between the two entities.

What Is Spine Surgery?

The surgical procedure to repair and correct deviations of the back, spinal column, discs and nerves.  Spinal surgery is by performed neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons.

Candidates For Spine Surgery

Injury to the spinal column and back pain are the typical reasons leading to most spine surgeries. Back pain is a frequent complaint. Injury, overuse of the muscles in the back and disease are a few factors that cause back pain. The kind of pain, the severity and the location of the pain will determine the treatment options. Minor back pain is usually manageable without medical intervention. Persistent, debilitating pain in the back and spinal column may require spine surgery.

Common Spine Ailments

Numerous dysfunctions of the spinal column cause pain and disability. Popular spine problems include: herniated disc, misalignment of the cushion of the spinal column. Treatment usually includes rest periods with limitations made in activities. Change in the type of mattress, ice applications and medication are also incorporated pain reduction. Surgery is an option for pain that causes disability.

Spinal stenosis
, unnatural constriction of the nerves in the spinal column. The stenosis may occur at any portion of the spinal column. Typically the pain is present while in motion. Changes made in activities, rest accompanied by the addition of medication typically resolves minor pain complaints.

Continuous pain and discomfort usually requires surgical intervention for relief. Spinal fusion, the surgical procedure for the joining together several portions of vertebral bone tissue.

Spine Surgery Risks

Spinal surgery is a huge procedure and the process is usually lengthy. Complications and risks of the surgery are usually discussed with the surgeon before having the procedure. Complications generally associated with spinal surgery include, reactions to anesthesia and medication, blood loss requiring blood replacement, after surgery infections and the formation of blood clots.

Spine Surgery Recovery

Multiple factors will contribute to patient recovery and rehabilitation after spine surgery. The type of spine surgery performed the location of the surgery and the general health of the patient before surgery will all play a part.

Cost Of Spine Surgery

The cost will be different for every patient having spinal surgery. Numerous variables will be taken into consideration including, the type of spine surgery performed, the time spent in the hospital, the type of insurance used and where the surgery takes place.    

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