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Reconstructive Dentistry Defined

Toothache can appear suddenly and be extremely painful. There can be many reasons for toothache but it is important you do not ignore the problem and visit a dental clinic so the dental treatment you require is as minimally invasive as possible.

If a tooth is decaying on the inside, it is important to seek treatment before the damage spreads. Tooth decay can be treated with dental fillings or bonding, but if left untreated extensive dental work may be required to protect the tooth.

Replacing missing teeth has become an art form for those with gaps in their teeth. Peridontists (dentists specialized in implant dentistry) can use dental implants to create the appearance and provide the support of a natural tooth giving you the security to eat apples and smile again.Troublesome teeth may need to be removed to stop pain or to prevent damage spreading to the gums or other teeth.


Cost Of Reconstructive Dentistry

The cost of reconstructive dental treatments vary between the dental treatment necessary as well as the location of the treatment and the specialization of the dentist and dental clinic.

Many health insurance companies do not include dental insurance in their policies. The high costs associated with advanced dental treatment in the U.S. and UK is pushing patients to look abroad to finance their treatment. The price of the restorative dental treatment you need could be significantly cheaper if you are prepared to travel to another country for dental appointments.

Broken teeth

Cracked chipped or broken teeth can change the way your teeth look and make you uncomfortable with your smile, but chips in teeth can also lead to dental problems if not corrected. Learn about dental treatments to repair cracked, chipped, broken teeth.


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the study and treatment of malocclusions. Malocclusions (improper bites) can result from irregularity of the teeth, a disparity of upper and lower jaws or a combination of both. The aim of orthodontics is to prevent and correct functional and aesthetic aspects of dental bites.

Root Canal

Root canals are common dental procedures that remove infected tissue from inside the tooth. The term 'root canal' refers toa canalthat connects the pulp chamber in the center of the toothto the root. When this area becomes infected, dental treatment is necessary to prevent further spread and eliminate infected tissue.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay happens when bacteria inside plaque builds up inside the mouth and on tooth enamel. Tooth decay leads to cracked or loss of teeth that can require expensive reconstruct-able treatments. 

Tooth Extraction

Teeth that are badly decayed or are causing extreme pain may need to be removed. Tooth extraction is commonly needed for wisdom teeth if there is not enough room in the jaw to support the extra molars or are causing discomfort as they emerge through the gum. Learn more about tooth extraction.

Bone Graft

Dental bone grafting is a dental surgery to replace or reshape the bone supporting teeth. Bone grafting may be needed to repair damage caused by gum disease, trauma or dentures that has caused bone loss; bone grafting can also be used to make room in the mouth to correctly fit a dental implant or alongside another reconstructive dentistry procedure. Soft tissue grafting of the gum is commonly required alongside dental bone grafting.

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