Instant Orthodontics

Preparing the visible teeth to have porcelain restorations grafted onto their front surfaces.

Last modified: February 14, 2012

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Instant Orthodontics

In our modern era, instant gratification is something we are growing very accustomed to. My first interaction with ‘’the internet’’ was with that archaic technique called “dial-up.” That was only about 15 years ago. Now, dial-up seems archaic compared to the amazing speed internet connections can achieve.

Online users of today will tend to agree that any webpage that takes longer than 5 seconds is “taking too long!” But that was normal back then!

Instant gratification is becoming the norm for us. It’s amazing the things we can do with a smart phone nowadays! We want it all fast and easy and done right the first time.

This concept has been breaching all aspects of our life and when it comes to dentistry there is no difference. Patients nowadays want those same principles applied to their teeth. That is where ‘’Instant Orthodontics’’ has come into the picture.


Instant Orthodontics Defined

Instant Orthodontics refers to a specific dental procedure that enhances the esthetic appearance of a patient’s teeth by preparing the visible teeth to have porcelain restorations grafted onto their front surfaces.

Braces Vs Instant Orthodontics

But you may ask yourself, if Instant Orthodontics is such a good treatment, then why are there so many people getting traditional braces to fix their teeth?

Indeed A logical question, that any orthodontist will answer very simply: Instant orthodontics does NOT fix dental malpositions; it only covers them up! According to the American Association of Orthodontists ‘’ the goal of orthodontic treatment is a good bite—meaning straight teeth that mesh well with the teeth in the opposite jaw.’’

If a patient does not have a proper bite, he or she should not be a candidate for instant orthodontics and should be more concerned about correcting their bad bite.

A Good Candidate For Instant Orthodontics

Those who are interested in Instant Orthodontics are patients who are not able or willing to invest the time, effort and money associated with traditional orthodontic treatments. These can be, for example, patients that have stained or irregular enamel, patients with minor to moderate dental malpositions, or anyone in general who is not happy with their current dental appearance.

Instant Orthodontics Procedure

When a patient decides to undergo Instant Orthodontics, the procedure is usually very simple. The treating dentist will use anesthesia in the area to be prepped, and, depending on the restoration to be used and the degree of irregularity of the particular case, will wear thin a layer of the front part of the teeth to be fixed.

As soon as all involved teeth are prepped, an impression will be taken to send to a dental laboratory to manufacture custom-made porcelain veneers. Once these are done, they will be permanently attached onto the prepped surfaces of the teeth and presto: instant straight and white teeth!

Instant Orthodontics Recovery

A recovery period is usually not involved, but some initial sensitivity is. Most Instant Orthodontic treatments can be realized from one to three appointments total! Patients will walk out with their bonded veneers ready to enjoy life’s little pleasures any way they choose!

Cost Of Instant Orthodontics

The cost of treatment for Instant Orthodontic will depend on the exact amount of teeth involved. Instant Orthodontics is the equivalent of getting porcelain veneers on the front teeth, both top and bottom, and the cost will usually be quoted per tooth.

On average, patients interested in Instant Orthodontics are focused on the six anterior (front) teeth, both top and bottom and can expect to pay no less than 150 USD and no more than 1000USD per involved tooth, with great variations in price depending on the country, the dentist’s expertise and the dental materials that will be involved.

Instant orthodontics has become more popular precisely because of our culture’s affection towards instant gratification, and while some things are better when done instantly, when it comes to dental health, patience is still an integral part of being a “patient’’ in the 21st century.

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